clock April 24, 2012
author Chris Sopa

The Cosmic Agenda

Do you remember yesterday when I said we are following the “Cosmic Agenda” rather than our own?  Well….

Carol and her Ruda herb

First off, Carol S. decided after a long day yesterday that she was not being called to do the Inca Trail with us so her and I made plans for her to hang out in Aguas Calientes, the cute little town Machu Picchu sits in, while we hike the trail.  Then, Carol C. (I have 3 Carol’s on this trip!) came down with a horrible case of altitude sickness and we had to get her to a Peruvian Clinic at 7am this morning.  She is doing wonderfully now but gave us all a huge scare!  Yesterday, Carol was introduced to an herb called Ruda which you can sniff and it is very good for altitude sickness. Every single time I turned around yesterday Carol was sniffing her Ruda.  I told her she got sick today due to “Ruda overdose!”  Lol!  She decided to stay back and not do the trail as well so now Carol S. has company in Aquas Calientes.  All worked out beautifully!

The Sacred Valley

So, while Carol and I were at the Clinic getting her well, the group left at the regularly scheduled time with Edgar and our Shaman Don Isidro to head to Pisac, a very sacred place on the way to the Sacred Valley.  They had a wonderful time visiting the sites there and shopping (of course!) and even got to meet Edgars fiancé’ and 2 year old son.


Carol and I drove separately, thanks to the wonderful hospitality of Jorge Luis and his staff at the Taypikala Hotel (visit their hotel website at and arrived just in time in Ollytatambo to meet the group for our tour there.  Edgar did a beautiful job explaining how Ollytatambo is known for rebirthing yourself.  We used the energies of this magical place to set our intentions for our sacred walk on the Inca Trail.  Everyone came up with a mantra (or affirmation) to say on the trail when things get “tough.”  A beautiful practice to bring them back to their higher self.

We then checked into our lovely hotel in Ollytatambo and were then lead in a chakra cleansing ceremony using cuyas (they look like little conch shells) by Don Isidro which lifted the heavy energies from our system and gave them to Pacha Mama (Mother Earth) to transform for us and get us ready for our journey.

After dinner we all headed back to my room and discussed packing for the trail for the 800th time (lol!) and then Don Isidro did coca leaf readings with everyone where we found out select information regarding our future, careers, and love lives. Apparently, my man is “lejos” or far away…no wonder I’ve had a hard time finding him!!!!  LOL!  I guess it’s a good thing I travel so much….

Chris and Shaman Don Isidro

We all headed to bed early to be ready to hit the Inca Trail fresh and full of energy at 7am tomorrow morning.  We will be hiking through the Andes Mountains with 3 guides (which includes myself), 13 porters and 1 cook.   The first day we will be hiking for 7 hours, Day 2 for 10 hours, Day 3 for 12 hours and Day 4 we will arrive in Machu Picchu after only an hour and a half hike.  You will not see a blog from us until we return on Saturday and I promise it will be chalk full of miracle happenings and pictures!

On last thing, I want to give a HUGE shout out and THANK YOU  to Helen Tomei of Sacred Earth Journeys because without her expertise and amazing scheduling none of this would be possible!  THANK YOU SACRED EARTH JOURNEYS!!    For those of you who follow my journeys, Helen will be booking them all from now on and just to give you a sneak peak of some of the places I will be going in the future, besides Peru every April of course, check out her website at

Send us some good energy and we will be thinking about all of you and sending you love as we take our adventure of a lifetime!!!

Hasta Luego,