Meet Chris

Chris Sopa
Christine Sopa, Ph.D.

I’m a traveling psychologist and speaker who’s fascinated by human potential. When you reflect with honesty, you can live powerfully. I am the founder of The Wayfarer Group, LLC, and an internationally sought-after inspirational speaker, researcher, and author in the field of self-improvement.

Growing Client List:

Johnson & Johnson
Proctor & Gamble

Pepco Holdings
JP Morgan Chase
Wells Fargo
Veterans Administration
US Army

Terumo Medical Corporation
Goodwill Industries
Rite Aid
Delaware State University
University of Maryland
Arizona State University

The Traveling Psychologist

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VP Blood Services: It is only when you are able to see and recognize the person behind the colleague that teamwork becomes a possibility.

Marika C.

Director of Fixed-Site Operations, Oklahoma Blood Institute
After speaking with Chris she demonstrated that she fully understood my group’s needs and the culture change I wanted to inspire my team towards making. Many who attended her workshop were personally and professionally positively changed by their experience and continue to talk about how Chris’s story, realistic feedback and encouragement enabled them to understand and accept their mistakes or misgivings and make positive changes in either their employment, self-esteem, education level or relationships. Chris is a very entertaining and thought provoking speaker and I intend to have her back to reinforce her teachings.

Dustin C.

I attended the seminar you held a few weeks ago for the Cecil Chamber of Commerce. I had a wonderful experience!

Megan L.

I attended the conference today and was very impressed with you. You hit home with a lot of what you were saying as if you designed it specifically for me. I want to thank you for the direction you have helped me see and the fact that I have to be positive for me before I can be positive for anyone else.

Rosemary M.

It was so good to meet a fellow healer this evening at eWomen Network, Buxmont. I loved your talk! Glad to meet a kindred spirit in the Ascension process too. I do hope our paths cross again sometime.

Sarah D.

Great job at the SHRM conference, you really hit the nail on the head with all the stressors we have in our lives, we really do need to take stock of our priorities….we just need to have businesses buy into this as well.

Lisa S.