Each keynote is tailored to the needs of the audience and can be customized into a live workshop or virtual session of your choosing.

Keynote Formats:

  • Standard keynote (1-2 hours)
  • Workshop (break-out session or corporate workshop):
    • 60 minutes
    • 90 minutes
    • Half-day (4-5 hours)
    • Full day (6-8 hours)

Virtual Session Options:

  • 60-minutes
  • 90-minutes

All live workshops have the option of a 30-minute follow-up virtual session at a later day for an additional cost.

Imposter Syndrome – Do I Belong?

You are qualified! You are talented! You belong! Imposter syndrome erodes our confidence and flattens our self-esteem. It is experienced by both men and women and is the number 1 cause of the lack of confidence most people feel on the job. Using the research she is currently conducting for her next book on imposter syndrome, Dr. Chris will discuss how to build confidence, change mindsets to break the cycle of feeling like an imposter, and to go after the opportunities that present themselves without fear of not being enough.

Burnout and Stress: The Silent Saboteurs

To-do lists are growing and the workplace is changing. Seventy five percent of workers have experienced some degree of burnout and 3 out of 5 employees report negative impacts of work-related stress. These changes create pressure and stress that when left unchecked results in a burned out and unproductive workforce. In this keynote, Dr. Chris shares mindset methods, such as self-talk strategies, aligning priorities and activities, and present moment living (mindfulness) for managing stress and burnout.

Being Your Best You in Times of Change

Change can be scary and is often viewed through a negative lens. When something changes, we lose something and grieve for that loss. In this workshop, Dr. Chris discusses the positive aspects of change, navigating the unknowns as we grieve what we have lost, and implementing new habits of thought around change when it occurs.

Your Leadership Energy Footprint

Our society has taught leaders how to lead in very specific ways. Leaders have been taught the “trade” of leadership by mentors, colleagues, old bosses, and by simply watching how others around them lead. Most of them lead with their head, their logic. They have taken courses on leadership, read books, and listened to podcasts all which tell them what a “good leader” is made of and what they do. Where do these leaders falter? Many of them are not letting their intuition guide them…their gut. Many have not even defined the type of leader they want to be. They are unaware of what kind of energy they are leaving behind when they interact with those around them. They are unaware of their leadership energy footprint. In this keynote, Dr. Chris will show you how to tap into who you are being when you lead, how to become more self-aware as a leader, how to channel your energy so it is aligned with your highest priorities, how to balance your logic and intuition when making decisions, and how to define and become the leader you want to be.

The Changing Dynamics of Women in the Workplace

In America, there are almost as many men named John in leadership roles as there are women. The topic of the disparities that exist between men and women in the workplace is a conversation that has gone on for many years and was heightened even more by the #metoomovement in 2017. Now, we have a pandemic that has added to this disparity by forcing even more women (2.5 million) out of the job market and increased their levels of burnout and stress. In this keynote, Dr. Chris will discuss why we are seeing this gender disparity, how women get in their own way, and what organizations and men can do to help mitigate the advancement of women.