Over my 20+ years of coaching, I have learned that we are not meant to do life alone. We learn from each other as we support and hold the space for one another as we move through the adventures and trials in our lives.

Years ago, I began offering coaching in a small group format and it has proven to transform the way people view the coaching experience. People realize that the support and encouragement they receive from others is invaluable in their transformation process. Each group size is kept to no more than 8 individuals so Dr. Chris can spend maximum time with everyone.

All the group coaching programs are facilitated by Dr. Chris and follow the same format.

Each program includes:

• Six 90-minute live sessions facilitated by Dr. Chris
• One 90-minute one on one assessment debrief session with Dr. Chris
• Assessment (varies depending on program) to identify strengths and blind spots
• Self-reflection exercises to be done weekly between live sessions
• Weekly motivational videos and emails from Dr. Chris
• Additional resources to support course content
• Certificate of Completion

Participants walk away with a heightened sense of self-awareness, knowledge of how to move through emotions in a healthy way, an understanding of how to move through change, and the power to know how to reframe the mind and reprogram it to move towards positive transformation.

New Groups Continually Forming!

Group Coaching Courses

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