clock April 23, 2012
author Chris Sopa

The Birthing Process

Being in Peru is like giving birth.  For those of you who cannot relate to the process of giving birth, it is joyful in the beginning, challenges arise in the middle as the baby is growing, the birthing process pushes you to your limit and you think you just cannot go on and then you are overwhelmed with a sense of amazing joy when you see the end product…your baby.

Our weaving demonstration

After only 3 days here in this beautiful country, many of us have experienced several things that have pushed us to our limit and challenged us in ways we like and in ways we do not like.  Altitude sickness, emotional trauma returning, physical pains, rigidity around schedules, fears about making it on the trail, etc. have all been ailments we have faced and overcame.  We are on what I like to call the “Cosmic Agenda,” although we have our own schedule, it may not be the schedule the Cosmos has intended for us as our highest path.

Tina taking in the view at Chinchero

Today we spent the entire day in 2 towns:  Chincero and Moray.  Chincero gifted us with beautiful mountains and scenery and a demonstration by the local women on how they weave their cloth and make their dyes from all natural products.  How we ever got away from this I will never know!!  Nature supplies us with everything we possibly need!!  We were able to purchase many gifts made of their fabric and tapestries to take home as memories.


Next we traveled to Moray.  When you visit Moray, you are re-introduced to your higher self…the self you are meant to be in this lifetime minus all of the crap your ego feeds your mind.  We all journeyed into the center of the concentric circle field where we held a brief ceremony individually reconnecting with our true essence.  Powerful does not even come close to describing what we all felt in this special place.

During dinner we were briefed on our hike on the Inca Trail which we depart for the day after tomorrow.  As we get closer to taking the walk that leads us back to our true self, we all will be greeted by the lessons that are awaiting us there.  Our job is to remain open, receptive and willing to change.

Just like birth, we started out excited, may become a little scared of the unknown facing us, but the end product will be one that will change our lives forever.  We will never be the same again…and finally, our higher self will take the reigns and lead us to that place in our heart where we finally feel at home.

Until we meet again,