Executive leaders face challenges that are very different than other leadership
positions. Their skills are tested daily and the amount of information they need
to keep up with is daunting at times.

A recent learning state of the industry survey conducted by Chief Learning
Officer in 2021* revealed that executives are needing additional tools and
resources to help the shift of leading remote teams in this post-pandemic era.
These skills include leading innovation, strategic planning, communication,
business acumen, emotional intelligence, and critical thinking (Evolving
Positions in Executive Leadership Development, 2022).

Executive Coaching is a personalized approach to working with executives to
achieve these skills and resources, with 60.5% of executives stating that they
prefer executive coaching to other instructional methods. *

As an Industrial Organizational Psychologist, Dr. Chris has coached hundreds of
executives over the last 20 years. These executives have seen:

  • Increased self-awareness and emotional intelligence
  • Increased retention of high-potential employees
  • Increased ability to identify how to work within their strengths and delegate areas that are more challenging
  • Ability to become aware of and manage their behavioral needs and stress behaviors
  • Knowledge on how to reframe limiting beliefs that hold them back
  • Increased team engagement
  • Increased energy and joy in their daily work and lives
Chris Sopa