clock January 28, 2013
author Chris Sopa

In Memory Of…

(In memory of my friend Heath McBriarty)

Oh, for the peace of a perfect trust,
My loving God, in Thee;
Unwavering faith, that never doubts
Thou choosest best for me.
Best, though my plans be all upset;
Best, though the way be rough;
Best, though my earthly store be scant;
in Thee I have enough.
Best, though my health and strength be gone,
Though my weary days be mine.
Shut out from much that others have;
Not my will, Lord, but Thine.
Even though disappointments come
They too are best for me;
To wean me from this changing world,
And lead me nearer to Thee.
Oh, for the peace of a perfect trust
That looks away from all;
That sees Thy hand in everything;
in great events and small.
That hears Thy voice –
A Father’s voice-
Directing for the best;
Oh, for the peace of a perfect trust,
A heart with Thee at rest.


It is hard to lose someone you love.  I remember when I lost my Dad.  Even though he had a terminal diagnosis from the beginning of his journey with cancer, it was still a shock to hear the news when he finally passed.  No matter what the circumstances may be, we are just never ready.  No word can console and no deed can bring peace.  That is why we grieve.  Grieving is our human way of releasing the emotions surrounding a loss.  That is why grieving is so important.  In order to move on, we must release and let go.  Not let go of our loved ones memory; but let go of the idea of how we wanted it to be, what we think  should have happened and the feelings of regret, blame and denial that hold us hostage.  Our holding on keeps our deceased loved one in a holding pattern in their new world…waiting to be released to finish their journey.

Some grieve for only a moment…some for a lifetime.  My experience with my father’s death has helped me understand what happens from the perspective of the person who has passed.  As a medium, when I first spoke with my father after he died , he said these words to me:

“Consciousness survives death.  We take our love, thoughts and emotions with us.  When we pass we are welcomed by our angels and guides who escort us to “the other side;”  as we are traveling we are greeted by all of our loved ones who have passed before us and we finally feel as if we are at home.  All of the pain, worry and fear just dissolve into the unconditional love that is felt from all of the people present on this journey.  We are given a life review and are able to see what impact the choices  we made had on our lives and also on the lives of others.  We sometimes chose to pass for reasons not of our own, but to help gently guide those we love to the door of the lessons they have scripted to learn while on Earth.  We finally understand the power of the free will of making choices so we can then use that knowledge on our next journey.  We are then given a choice to return to Earth to continue to learn and evolve to our highest self, or to balance our karma from the other side.  We never really leave…we are just in different form.”

Our loved ones never leave us.  Their soul never dies.  There is no death…simply a change of worlds.  A world we will one day all know and meet with them again.

Love to all of my grieving friends and family,


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