What is the Life Purpose of a Slug?

And NO…I am not talking about your ex!

Monday night I came home late from a business dinner, walked up to my front door and as I looked down to step up onto my porch I saw the biggest slug in existence!  Then, as I came home Tuesday evening from my daughters chorus concert, I walk in the house, take off my heels and on my shoe is a baby slug!  Now some of you are saying, “What’s the big deal…that’s just a coincidence.”  But the way MY brain works is, “Hmmmm, what the heck is the significance of a slug?”  Then I started to think even deeper…”What does a slug DO all day?”  “What is a slug’s PURPOSE?”
Life purpose is a common theme in coaching.  Many people are searching and desperately want to know, “Why am I here?” “What is my purpose?”  Purpose refers to the special gifts you, and ONLY you, bring to the Universe to give.  What is it you are here to affect?  (Notice I did not say DO!)  Purpose is often confused with a “job” and although you can express your purpose through your job (my purpose is to heal and teach and I express my purpose through writing and speaking) it is not what you DO for a living that is your purpose.  IT IS WHO YOU ARE and HOW you express who you are in this moment.

Knowing everything in life has a deeper meaning and purpose, I couldn’t help myself so I looked up the spiritual meaning of a slug.  What I found was fascinating!!

Slugs are actually very Divine creatures.  As simple as they are, at the same time they are complex.  The slimy trail left by slugs as they crawl (which is iridescent meaning they leave no mark that they were there) in ancient times was used as sacred writing to predict a future marriage partner.  They cannot see shapes and colors, only light and shadow, explaining their tendency to move silent and slow just like darkness moves toward light.  They are healers and teach us about letting go (leaving the “junk” in our life behind such as rumors, bad feelings, limiting beliefs, attachments, and so on) and at the same time teach us about holding on (knowing our priorities and holding on to those things we deem as important).  Slugs represent strength and higher vision, being made mostly of pure muscle and representing the strength and willingness to accept change when new opportunities or people are presented to us on our path.

Lastly, our friend the slug is very deceiving…in a good way.  He is simple in terms of physical appearance and habits yet able to accomplish amazing feats such as climbing to great heights and hanging upside down for long periods of time.

We all have within us things we cannot even comprehend are there.  Gifts that are amazing that will help us reach new heights…gifts that express your purpose.


With thanks to our friend the slug, ask yourself the following:

“Am I staying cloaked and afraid in any area of my life and unwilling to come out and express my inner strengths and talents?”

“Do I have self-integrity?  Do I DO what I SAY and are my actions and behaviors in line with my priorities?”

“Does everything I do bring me a good feeling inside?”

“Am I walking my own path or am I locked into the false belief of I am what other people think and walking the path of others?”

“Do I let my inner light shine daily…however that may be?”

“Do I trust my ability to create and trust that the Divine has my back, no matter what I choose?”


Walk your path step by step, day by day.  You do not have to search for your purpose.  Just relax into your life, BE YOU, and your path will effortless find you.

Letting my light shine,


Slug excerpts from:  
Animal Wise” by Ted Andrews

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