I have always loved to travel. When I started my own business in 2003, one of my main goals was to figure out how to somehow incorporate travel, my love of sacred sites, and history into my business. In 2007, I was one of 8 people who went to Peru for three weeks on a spiritual journey. While I was away on that journey, my father passed away, and then less than a year later, I was divorced. I remember our shaman saying during that trip that Peru had transformational powers…he was correct!

A short 6 months after my first spiritual journey, I started taking my own groups to Peru. Since that time, I have been back to Peru five different times with five different groups. All of them have been transformed in one way or another and have never forgotten the experience.

Throughout our lives, we journey down many paths to try and find ourselves. Some go to workshops, others read books, and some are searching for more than a book or workshop can give them. They are searching for an experience that will enlighten their soul, heal them, or kick-start them on their path. Many places on earth are meant to awaken the soul; they are called sacred sites. These sacred sites are places of power where transformation takes place on a soul-level. Just by visiting a sacred site, the essence of its power seeps into one’s soul like tea into hot water. These places empower your soul and illuminate your spirit.

My sacred journeys take you out of your “ordinary” and place you temporarily in “non-ordinary.” When you are in “non-ordinary” space, with no distractions from work, children, bills to pay, etc., it is a way for your soul to hit “re-set.” It acts as the Control-Alt-Delete function of your higher self. Through physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual challenges, you will encounter a different version of yourself and learn how to listen to that inner voice that has been whispering in your ear to change all of this time. You will feel clear for the first time and learn to overcome challenges that in the past have made you freeze in your tracks. You will learn the beauty of being truly present, how to read what your body is telling you, and best of all, receive one-on-one and group guidance from myself and the shaman that travels with us throughout this journey.

My sacred journeys will take you to sacred sites throughout the world where you will work with a shaman, participate in sacred, ancient ceremonies native to that culture, tour beautiful sites which are well-known as well as some that are “off the beaten path,” and also have enough free time to explore on your own so you can go where your energy is guiding you.

We look forward to seeing you on one of our inspirational and awakening journeys to Peru, Mexico, Mt. Shasta, Greece, and many others to come!