clock December 17, 2012
author Chris Sopa

Calling All Lightworkers!!!

The soul of humanity is a messenger; YOU are a messenger, and your message is your life.“  ~Don Miguel Ruiz

This past week, we have seen what evil can do.  Now, it is our turn… our turn to turn that around.  Fear is at an all time high on the planet.  Not because we have something to fear, but because that is the emotion many humans are choosing to buy into lately.  What happens on our Mother Earth is only a mirror image of the predominant emotions that we give our most attention to.  If we are giving our attention to fear, we will attract fearful events.  With this week including the ever-fated December 21st, there are many emotions swirling around…mostly that of unfounded fear, anxiety and chaos.

I propose that we deliberately choose to make this week a positive one.  Choose to focus on what you are grateful for in your life, those you love, what you would like to create in your future and send light and love to Mother Earth herself.  We create what we hold our attention on the most.  You must be careful where you hold your attention.  As a collective whole, where we hold our attention is even more powerful.

A dear friend of mine, David Gross of In Spirit, In Light, explains it beautifully.  He uses the equation E=mc2 as an example, giving two possible scenarios for how you can choose to use this universal equation.

Exhaustion = my challenge squared (the more you focus on what is challenging you, the more it will be challenging).


Enthusiasm = my connection squared (the more you focus on your connection to the Divine – understanding that you are God – God living as you – and what you desire will expand).

In order to feel enthusiasm, focus your attention on your connection to those things for which you are grateful and that make you feel good.  Focus on the future you WANT to have instead of the future you may be seeing at the moment.  Seeing is not believing.  You create our reality by believing first and then what we see changes because of that belief.

Create a week of what you choose to believe regardless of what is showing up in your reality right now.  Sometimes things happen to distract us off of our path.  Be the lightworker…light the path by showing those around you how life can be created and changed by a simple belief…by faith.

Gratefully I let go and let God be God as me.” ~prayer by Rev. Angela Peregoff

Keep the faith,


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