clock June 26, 2012
author Chris Sopa

What if You Were Psychic?

“There is no better way to bring one to a knowledge of himself than to lead him to a knowledge of the powers that are lying dormant within his own soul.”
~Ralph Waldo Trine

We have all at one point or another wished we could see into the future.  To know ahead of time how something will turn out so we know for sure we were making the right decision sounds so appealing, doesn’t it?  But then life would be no fun!  Where would our sense of wonder be; our sense of awe when things turn out perfectly when we didn’t even try; or even that shiver we get down our spine anticipating life’s outcomes.  That is part of what makes life an adventure.

Ironically, we are all psychic…you just forgot how to use your psychic gifts so you think you do not have them.  We are all very aware of our five senses:  touch, smell, taste, sight and auditory.  But we also have four psychic senses:  vision, auditory, kinesthetic and intuition.  We use them all every single day, completely unaware of the fact that these senses are part of our higher self and our Divine right to have and use.  These gifts show themselves in unique ways for each individual and once you know how to interpret what is showing up for you and most of all trust, your world will completely change.

Your psychic vision can take two forms.  Sometimes you may actually be able to physically see a spirit, a geometric shape floating in the air or colors swirling around something or someone.  Have you ever had the experience of thinking you saw something move out of the corner of your eye only to look and not see anything there?  That is your psychic vision.  Your psychic vision uses your periphery vision, which as humans has become very weak because we do not use it to “hunt” anymore.  You can practice looking straight ahead, drawing your attention (not your eyes) to the right and then the left and see how far you can see.  That will strengthen the rods and cones in your eyes that help with psychic vision.  You can also experience psychic vision through seeing pictures, movie clip like images or colors in your mind.  These usually come out of nowhere and come in and out very quickly.  Pay attention because they are usually trying to give you clues about something in your life.

Auditory is an interesting one.  You actually hear from inside your mind.  Have you had the experience of being asleep or in a quiet place and have sworn someone has called your name?  When this sense starts to develop it sounds much like you are hearing people talking but they are in another room and you can’t quite make out what they are saying.  Don’t be freaked out by this.  It is a really cool sense when you develop it.

Kinesthetic takes many forms as well.  Kinesthetic is another word for “feel.”  You can experience this psychic sense by temperature changes, tingly feelings in your limbs or down your spine, smells or even a taste that appears out of nowhere in your mouth.  Did you ever have the experience of smelling something in the air no one else around you smells?  Or walking into a room and shivers go down your spine because it just doesn’t “feel right?”  It is very important to trust this sense and not analyze or question what appears.  If you walk into a room and you “feel” off, walk out!  I have actually not gotten on planes before because it just didn’t “feel right.”  I’ve felt before as if I should pull my car in the garage instead of leave it in the driveway and when I listened to this, found a tree in my driveway the next morning right where my car would have been.  Pay attention to how you feel!

Lastly, intuition, which is the sense you have of just “knowing” something and not being able to really explain why.  Mother’s intuition is a good example of how this sense works.  Mothers just know when there is something wrong with their child and they are almost always right.  I use this sense a lot when I go hiking in places I have never been to guide me along my path.  Intuitive “hits” will come out of nowhere and just plop into your mind.  They usually nag you as well until you listen.  Have you ever thought of a person and then that next moment they call you?  Intuition at its best.

Today, practice trusting what you sense with these senses.  Pick one of them and pay attention throughout the day to that one only.  Journal what you experience and as you continue to do this you will see patterns.  Those patterns reveal to you your “psychic language” and how the Divine speaks to you.

We are given everything we need to live our fullest life while we are here.  Just trust the process, trust your life and feel your way.

“If you go as far as you can see, you will then see enough to go even farther.”
~John Wooden

Intuitively speaking,


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