clock November 23, 2009
author Chris Sopa

We Found the Arctic in South Africa

Last night in South Africa we were feeling both sad to leave yet homesick at the same time.  We spent our last night in Cape Town and left this morning.  We thought it was strange that when we checked out the lady gave us a “free drink coupon” for the next time we stayed at their hotel – it had no expiration date.  I guess she was reading our blog….!

Tina saying good-bye to our “condo”

Chris’ self-portrait at the “Hi” sign in line at the airport

It has been a full day of travel and transfers – flights and follies!  We had a bit of a hard time getting a ride to our hotel that we are staying in tonight because we kept being told it didn’t exist by the local cabbies.  I wondered if my “powers” increased while I was here and I manifested a hotel that no one else was aware of.   We then found out the hotel we had been booked in is only 1 month old.  We finally figured out how to get there, checked in and entered the “Arctic Zone!”  The hotel is a renovated apartment complex and the residents must have all died of hypothermia and frost bite!  Tina and I were literally shivering with the heat on!  The manager did not believe us and then we forced him to go up into our room and he admitted it was a “tad” chilly!  I guess he didn’t notice we have frost bite on our cheeks, three layers of clothes on and eyes that are so dry from the blasting heat we are both blind!  We are bit frightened to shower in the morning due to our extreme fear of death from cold.

We went down into the lobby to get warm and had hot chocolate in the middle of summer in South Africa!  (That just seems WRONG!)  Tina decided to try her luck at the PS2 that was in the lobby.  After she crashed her VW Golf 80 times, she decided to be 007 and learn how to use a machine gun.  She is now an expert at killing bad guys…although I think she died 25,000 times! Luckily the machine memorizes where she left off.

Tina..A.K.A. Mario Andretti

We thought it would be fun to give you all a vocabulary lesson of some of the words we learned since we have been here.  Here we go:

Car trunk = Boot
Horn = Hooter
Traffic light = Robot
Standing in line = In queue
Sneakers = Takkies
Diapers = Nappie
Air conditioning = Air con
your welcome = Pleasure

Tomorrow we plan on doing some cultural site seeing with our friend Gerard who experienced firsthand Tina’s African initiation of peeing in public.  We plan on enjoying our last full day here but can’t say we are enjoying the thought of our 15 hour flight home that leaves here at 9pm.  We will make our last post tomorrow evening as long as we can find internet.

Tina and I chillin’ on a cool couch at Melrose Arch last week

Until tomorrow….