clock October 29, 2012
author Chris Sopa

The New Feminine

I was blessed to spend the entire weekend with 30 amazing women at the 2nd annual Goddess Conference at the Peaceful Spirit Enrichment Center owned and operated by Melanie Dunlap (an amazing “new” female).  As I sat among these fabulously gifted and beautiful women, I began to think about the similarities between all of us.  What makes us so unique?  Why do we seem “different” than the average woman?

The feminine energy is in a time of becoming empowered once again.  Women are stepping into more leadership positions, more women are becoming entrepreneurs than ever and women are changing the old paradigm of what “being a woman” means in this new age.

What constitutes this “new feminine” energy?  I decided to find out.  I watched, listened and asked several women this weekend what they thought made us all alike.  This is what I gathered about the “new feminine.”

The “new feminine” is:

  • Self-aware – she watches herself constantly.  What she does, what she says, where she goes, how she reacts and picks up her patterns of behavior.  She keeps what is working and discards what is not.
  • A Queen – the queen archetype knows what she wants and makes it so.  She rules her roost but with compassion and is always balanced with her King (feminine and masculine energy).
  • Congruent in mind, body and spirit – she is balanced in all 3 areas and when she is off-balance, she knows it and makes the proper adjustments.
  • Connected to all things – she understands that everything is connected by energy and whatever she thinks and feels affects everyone.
  • Independent – most “new feminine’s” currently find themselves not in a relationship or questioning the one they are currently in.  They find peace in learning how to take care of themselves and are looking for a “soul partner’ not a date.
  • Open to all types of relationships – she is also open to re-defining the paradigms around relationships.  She re-writes the rules and has relationships that honor her and her energy.  She is very comfortable in her sexuality.
  • Speaks her truth – she is not afraid what others think of her and speaks her truth when necessary and needed.
  • Strong – she can never be talked into something she does not want to do.
  • Empowered – her reality comes from within and she is never dictated by what others say or do around her.  Her power comes from that center inside of her.
  • Nurturing and Compassionate – if she could, she would wrap her arms around the whole world to protect it and take away everyone’s pain.
  • Spiritual and Psychic – she is in touch with her spiritual gifts, allows guidance to flow through her and trusts the Universe to take care of her every need.
  • In Love with Herself – she loves herself tremendously, loves her own company and reminds herself daily how much joy she brings to her own life and that of others.  This love flows out to all she meets.

If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun.”  ~ Katharine Hepburn

To all of my “AZ Goddesses” – Love you all!


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