clock November 21, 2009
author Chris Sopa

The Joy of Gratitude

We had our last and final workshop today at the WP Blood Services Center in Cape Town.  What a wonderful group of people!  I always say as a speaker, I am only as good as my audience and this audience really was ON today!  They came ready to learn, transform and walk out with new ideas and insights.  This group was made up of the people who directly interact with the donor population.  We talked about empowerment, self-worth, priorities and finding the courage to play bigger in the world.  My favorite part was doing the communication exercise where they all learned a bit about themselves and what their tendencies are when they live day to day.  What a crack up!  One group talked about sex the whole time!!!

Chris in action

A few people had ah-ha moments (thanks to Tina!) and one woman shared hers with the entire group which was hard for her to do but she did it!!!  One of the things I find is that no matter where I am in the world, people are all the same.  We all have the same fears, anxieties and worries and seem to think we are alone…and we are NOT!  Change starts with one individual who makes a choice to do something different, something unique and something to honor their many gifts to give.

Tina in action

After the wonderful experience and sense of giving Tina and I have been blessed with here in this country, we wanted to give something back so we decided that we would give blood.  The process was fairly simple and “painless.”  Once they found out our blood alcohol levels were ok (just kidding..) we went through the typical screening process.  Unfortunately, Tina’s iron level was too low so she could not give.  She gladly watched as they stuck a needle in MY arm!!

In the process of giving..Chris and Cindy

Tina and I went to a GREAT restaurant for dinner called The Green Dolphin.  The whole theme of the restaurant is “dedicated to the preservation of Jazz.”  We heard a great live Jazz band called The Lee Gelder Bloem Quartet.  We always seem to meet the funnest people on this trip.  We stopped a waiter named Zulu to take our picture and as he took it another waiter, Brian, decided to stick his head in the picture last minute to our surpirse.  We had such a good time talking to these guys!!

Tina, Chris and…surprise – Brian!

Tina and Zulu making sure their eyes were open!

Tina and I discussed at dinner how blessed we feel for being given the opportunity to go on this trip together.  It has been perfect in every sense of the word!  We would not change a thing.

We head back to JoBerg tomorrow and then leave for the States on Monday night.  Even though we have had a spectacular time, we both are feeling a bit homesick today and are ready to go home.  We miss you guys!!

Until tomorrow..