Your Infinite Self

Several years ago I came across some lectures on cassette tape (that is how long ago it was) called “Infinite Self” by Stuart Wilde.  I remember listening to his tape series over and over again until I pretty much had the darn thing memorized and the cassettes began to sound warped.  His teachings seemed way before his time then and as I listen to his messages now, I can see how far I have grown spiritually in my life and how exact he was with his teachings.  His message was about the “true you” inside the you that you think you are and how to tap into that person.

There are so many of us experiencing changes of all sorts in our lives presently.  Some changes we are choosing consciously and others are happening to us seemingly without our permission.  Change isn’t necessarily about cutting things out of your life but more about forming new habits, thoughts and ways of being; realizing your power, how you use it and where you lose it; and allowing the changes to help you grow into the person you were born to be.

Stuart Wilde called this true you your “Infinite Self;” A self that cannot be touched or harmed by outside forces and one of which you are completely in control.  To give your week a jump start and some things to think about, I included here 11 of Stuarts “33 Ways to Affirm Your Infinite Self.”  Read them, memorize them, believe them and put as many into action as possible.  Some will be easier than others and some will seem impossible from where you may find yourself now.  Embrace the ones that ring true to you.

AND, on top of that, if you are seeking a personalized live workshop on how to deal with change, August 20th in Perryville, MD and August 30th in Scottsdale, AZ I will be teaching on change in my workshop, “Riding the Waves of Change:  Dealing With and Successfully Moving Through Life Changes.”  Both events will be held in the evening from 6:00-7:30pm and in honor of the “33 Ways of Affirming Yourself,” the event will cost only $33.00.  See my “Journey Back to Self” blog on Wednesday for more details!


33 Ways to Affirm Your Infinite Self
~Stuart Wilde

  1. What I believe I am, I am.
  2. By holding onto nothing, I actually have everything.
  3. My power rises from within.  I don’t need to push a situation; the appropriate outcome is drawn to me.
  4. My most powerful action can be non-action (non-judgment, non-involvement), where I operate from a state of “clear being” rather than “hectic doing.”
  5. I maintain a fresh, energized attitude toward life.  I observe nature and align myself to it.
  6. I do not fear death, but rather accept it and get on with living.
  7. I am physically disciplined.  I provide my body’s requirements for optimal condition.
  8. I am emotionally disciplined.  I experience emotions, but I release them.
  9. I am mentally disciplined.  I don’t let negativity and “logic” dominate my life and direction.  My higher self shines through.
  10. I do not invest energy in things that do not resonate for me.  I live my truth and let the rest go.
  11. I am spiritually disciplined.  I acknowledge the source of my light and power regularly and often.

Affirming how beautiful you are,


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