Moving Town to Town – Up and Down the Dial

As Donna and I are making our trek across country, one of the main things keeping us quite entertained is SiriusXM radio.  We are finding ourselves moving from the 80’s hits, to Love songs, to the Comedy channel (when we need a good laugh to relieve the driving stress).  As we reminisce about old times, old flames, high school and what lies ahead for both of us we are taking note of how much we have changed over the years and all that has happened to make us the people we are today.

Did you ever notice how certain songs immediately bring up a memory of a person, time in your life or a place?  Some good memories…some not so good.  As I move my whole life out west, I find myself experiencing a boat load of feelings.  Although I am extremely excited to be moving out west and moving in with my good friend Elaina Love of Pure Joy Academy, I am also grieving the endings that are occurring at the same time.  We grieve not just when a loved one dies but when anything “dies” or ends in our lives; a job, relationship, a move, a thought pattern, etc.  The grieving process is the same.  That grieving process is filled with emotions that are attached to even older emotions from past experiences that were similar that all need to be released to allow room for new, wonderful emotions and experiences to enter.

We use music to soothe our emotions and lift our spirits.  Music is made of vibrations, which is one of the reasons why certain songs bring up certain memories.  Remember we are energy beings that vibrate…we vibrate depending on what feelings we are experiencing at the time.  Certain songs correlate with what feelings we had at a certain time in our lives.  Music, smells, places and people can trigger certain memories that have been recorded in our personal history, bringing up with them the memory and all of the emotions associated with it.  Music is a wonderful way to release emotions and balance!

Take some time today to think of what is changing or ending in your life.  Instead of fretting over it and worrying about your future, bask in the emotions that are coming up – good or bad.  Really feel them and allow them to release themselves.  Use whatever healthy soothing mechanism works for you:  music, reading, talking to a friend, spending time in nature, singing, etc.  Do something that allows you to have the space to experience what is coming up.  Don’t fight it and don’t be afraid.  You are a Divine being, always protected and every choice you make teaches you lessons that lead you a little closer to your Divine purpose.

Sometimes we have to forget what we know to make space for what we do not know to enter.

Donna and I are having a blast singing our little hearts out to every old song we hear…with some honks from truckers as we do so!  It is fun, healing and makes us smile!  J

Try it…it works!

Singing out loud (not well, I might add),


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