Sometimes You Have to Leave “Home Base”

“Humans cannot exist if everything that is unpleasant is eliminated instead of understood. When the unwelcome comes, surrender.”
~Marlo Morgan, ?Mutant Message Down Under?

I grew up playing softball. I loved it too! I started when I was about 7 years old and I have to say, I was pretty good at it. I tried my hand at first base, third base, catcher, and then finally ended up as a pitcher. When I came up to bat, the outfield took a few steps back. Softball is an interesting game?a ball gets thrown at you and you have to try to hit that ball with a skinny bat. Once the ball is hit, you have to leave home base and run! The hope is that you don?t get called out before you make it back home.

As I embark on my travels overseas, I cannot help but compare my life at the moment to a softball game. I know that sounds weird but I have thought about the parallels several times. My game began when I ?ran? from my home base to experience an adventure that required faith and for me to put fear aside, much like when you are up to bat and excitement and fear are running through your body at the same time. My equipment is two suitcases and a backpack instead of a bat, ball, and glove. My ?game plan? for my trip is very similar to the strategy ball players go over in their heads right before they are up for bat. My strategy included where I wanted to go (much like deciding where to hit the ball in the field when you are up to bat), how far I wanted to go (do I want to hit a home run or just hit a double??or maybe purposely allow myself to get called out to help another player advance?), and moving from country to country (running from base to base).

It is scary to leave ?home base.? Home base is where you are comfortable and surrounded by the people and things you know. As humans, we like to feel comfortable. We tend to dismiss and even try to eliminate the uncomfortable hoping to hold on to the last bit of control over our lives that we perceive we have. There is one problem with comfortableness?it does not allow us to grow.

Visiting the elephant sanctuary was one of the highlights of my trip to Thailand.

I would be lying if I told you that my trip so far has been all candy and roses. Honestly, I have really been struggling. Trust me, I know how blessed I am that I have the means and the opportunity to travel but blessed does not coincide with easy. There are times in our lives when the lessons that we are ready to learn cannot be learned in the place we reside?this can mean your home base, your job, your relationship, etc. This I knew, which is why I decided to embark on this journey. I was feeling unsettled and way too comfortable for too long and knew I was not growing. Frankly, I was bored with my life. My yearning to venture away was my soul trying to communicate to me that it was time for the next chapter. This yearning came in the form of emotions. So, I did what most of us do and questioned what I was feeling and tried to justify it so I did not have to change and feel uncomfortable. First, I thought I was crazy, then I thought I was menopausal, then I questioned whether I was running from something I did not want to face, and finally, I realized that I was being called to do something different that could not be done from where I was sitting. How we feel is everything and the actions we take are our way of expressing the intent of our emotions. Faith and fear cannot exist together. When one is present the other one cannot express itself. So, I decided to choose faith in the unknown rather than give into the fear I was feeling.

It is amazing who you see on the streets when walking in Chiang Mai!

As I end my time in Thailand and head ?down under? to Australia, here are some things I have realized so far:

Blessed to spend time with my good friend Beverly in Chiang Mai. We had not seen each other for 10 years!
  • We are so busy “doing” all of the time that we forget to just be. We are human beings, after all, not human doings! I have learned that I do not need to be doing something all the time to feel productive. Sitting and just enjoying my surroundings is healing and productive in and of itself (and it is very challenging at first!).
  • I have had to learn to feel secure and at home when I am in an unfamiliar place. Making wherever I am ?home? in whatever way I can has become key. I have even had to revamp my definition of home. Home for me now is the feeling of inner peace I have or that I can create wherever in the world I may be. I have released ?home? as being only a physical place.
  • Skugga Estate…a coffee and chocolate farm I would gladly call “home!”
    Me and my Skugga Estate guide Sam (a chocolate expert from Switzerland) – who I think is a Jeremy Renner look-a-like! 🙂

    I truly feel as if we have many lives in our one lifetime. We have chapters that are amazing and ones that are tragic. We have ones where we learn lessons and others where we get to use the lessons we learned. I believe our life on Earth is a school and we learn and are tested along the way. The only way we can pass any test while we are here is to take it. As I continue on my Earth school journey and head to Australia next, I can?t help but think of the kangaroo, the snake, and the dolphin. I have made these animals my spirit animals?

    The kangaroo is incapable of stepping backward. It can only go forward.

    The snake frequently removes its outer skin (the old self being replaced by the new self).

    The dolphin sees all life as a fun adventure.

    The Elephant Parade started its journey in Thailand and now these beautifully painted elephants travel throughout the world!

    As I round third base during the world series game of my travels, I remain open to whatever this chapter wants to teach me and I am committed to being fully present as I am called to bat on whatever adventure is presented to me along the way.

    See you down under,

    Me at my own private Thanksgiving dinner!