Let Go? Heck NO!!!

We all have experienced times in our lives where we have to “let go” of something or someone.  Whether it is a loved one that has passed away or a job, a habit or even an old wound; letting go is not easy.  Letting go requires courage, faith and believe it or not, love…but not the kind of love you would think.

The love I am referring to here is the kind of love that many of us have the hardest time with…self-love.  In order to love yourself, you have to “let go” of those things in your life that are blocking you from feeling good about yourself.  These things can be thought patterns, behaviors, people, or environments.  You have heard me say before that everything is energy, including you.  Those things that make you feel bad (or are zapping your energy) are things you more than likely need to let go.  The Universe uses your feelings as a “flag system,” so to speak, to let you know if you are on the “right” path.  If you are feeling good about something or someone, keep going…you are on the right path.  If you are not feeling so good or that thing or person is taking a lot of your energy (or as I like to say, you are losing your power to that thing or person), it is time to let go.

Letting go can be challenging because your ego, up to this point, has convinced you that you NEED that person or thing for some reason…especially if it has been around for a long time.  This is where the courage and faith part comes into the picture.  You need to have the courage that something new and better will come along to replace the old and the faith in yourself and a higher power that you will be guided to those exact things you need to feel better and bring you all of the abundance you need.

We chatted a bit about money on Friday of last week.  Please remember one thing…”money is not abundance, love is.  Be the love and the money will come where it is needed.” (Justin Asar)  Just as everything else what you need will come to you effortlessly if you allow it room to do so.  Your emotions sit in what I like to refer to as a vessel.  Your vessel holds all of the emotions you have ever felt in every circumstance in your life…good and bad.  If we do not clean out our vessel every once and a while and “let go” of the old emotions that are weighing us down (such as anger, resentment, frustration, bitterness, etc.) we will have no room for new emotions and experiences to enter.  We will stay stuck in our old feelings and old ways of doing things.

This coming week is centered around spiritual healing and hitting the “control-alt-delete” button of your soul.  Clean house in your emotional vessel and let go of the old, out-dated feelings lingering there that no longer serve you.  See the lesson and take that with you…leave the heavy experience behind…LET IT GO!  Life is about learning lessons.  We are offered experience after experience to give us a chance to learn what we came here to learn.  Learn it and move on…there is more out there to experience.  Allow yourself to take risks and be open to what life has to offer.

Emerald is your crystal this week.  Wear an emerald or keep one by your bedside.  She is the master healing crystal who will help you on your journey of healing and letting go.  If you love dolphins (like I do!) and roses (like I do!), these energies will help with the letting go process as well.  Hang pictures of dolphins around you, wear dolphin jewelry put some freshly cut roses in your house or better yet, buy some for someone you love.

Remember, healing is a spiritual act.  It is love in motion.  Love yourself enough to allow yourself to let go and heal.  You are worth it!

Wearing my dolphin earrings today!


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That’s What I’m Talkin’ About!
(Tina here!)

We woke up to a perfect day – the weather was glorious as we ate our breakfast.  It continued to be glorious as we boarded our chariot for the Wine Country.  Our guide’s name was Issy and we shared our tour with Brian (Connecticut/England), Patrick (Ireland), Steffi (Oman) and Franca  (Dubai), Patrick and Veronique (France).  It was truly an international group.

Chris and Issy with the “gang” in the background

South Africa produces 900 Billion Liters of wine per year and 40 different varieties.  Our first stop was at Zevenwacht Winery where we sampled 4 wines (at 9:30 in the morning!) along with 5 different aged cheeses made by the winery.

The Vineyard

Our second stop took us to Stellenbosch in the Cape Winelands District.  We learned that they plant rose bushes at the end of every row of grapes for 2 reasons: aesthetics, but more importantly because the rose bush and the grape vines have similar physiology but the rose is more sensitive.  Any disease or insect manifestation will hit the rose bush before it hits the grape vines which is like a pre-warning system.  They can just look at the roses and tell what’s going on in the grape fields.

“I never promised you a rose garden…(sing with me!!)”

Chris at Rickety Bridge Winery

A rose between two thorns…Patrick, Tina and Brian at Rickety Bridge

We had extra time in Stellenbosch so we shopped at the local “flea market”.  We found some great gifts and two awesome paintings we are bringing home.  Chris was obsessed with finding a new pair of sunglasses since she accidently broke her diva red ones at the B&B.  We found a really expensive pair at the corner shop and after the exchange rate, they came to about $ 3.00!  Can you say “The Fly?”

April…start making space on the wall!!

This will go perfect with my international “decor” in my house!

After breaking the bank at the flea market our driver bought us fresh strawberries for the next leg of the trip.  Imagine how strawberries used to taste when you were a kid…. The best ever? Well that is how these tasted.  We stopped for lunch and our second wine tasting at “The Rickety Bridge” winery.  By the time we ate our lunch we had polished off 8 different wines and just to mix it up a bit, we ordered… wait for it… wine with our lunch!  We learned a new word from the Xhosa language “Mholowene” which means hello to a group of people.

Chris’ lunch before…

Chris’ lunch after…wine makes you hungry!!

Group at lunch

Before our final tasting, we stopped at Drakenstein, the third and final prison where Nelson Mandela served time under house arrest.  They had a beautiful monument in front of the prison in his honor.

Nelson Mandela monument

Our last wine tasting stop was at Laborie Estate in the Paarl Region.  We tasted 4 different wines plus 1 aperitif which was a blend of Brandy and one of their sweeter wines.  After 8 hours we had tasted 13 wines total and were feelin’ fine! Chris and I seemed to be re-living the “white girl dance” moment in our minds and could not stop laughing on the way home.  We were LOAO!!!

By the end of the day Chris was speaking in a Spanish accent for no apparent reason (actually I think it’s because she got hit on by a Spanish speaking Romeo!)  I had to get at least one dig in since I have been the victim for several days in a row now.

We had dinner at a great local restaurant called Beluga, had a deep conversation about the meaning of life and headed to bed so we can catch the first cable car up to Table Mountain in the morning.

Tina’s pace…(note the glasses)

Chris’ pace…can we say “lush?”