Ouch! Don’t Touch Me There!

“The greatest good that can come to anyone is the forming within him of an absolute certainty of himself, and of his relationship to the Universe, forever removing the sense of heaven as being outside himself.” ~Ernest Holmes, “The Science of Mind

When my youngest daughter was 3 years old, she had a “thing” with band aids.  Every day she would find a reason to want a band aid.  I would buy those silly ones that had pictures of Barney, Mickey Mouse or Barbie on them for her and she would choose her band aid in the morning just like she would chose her clothes.  If anyone ever touched her where she had her band aid that day she would yell, “Ouch! Don’t touch me there!  That’s my boo-boo!” even if what was under the band aid was perfectly healthy skin!

When we physically have a “boo-boo” we know it is there because when we touch it, it hurts.  The pain lets us know that part of our body is unbalanced at the moment, needs attention and is in the process of healing – which our body knows how to do naturally.  We do not have to think about how a cut on our hand heals, it just does.  We may put medicine on it to aid it along, but for the most part our bodies naturally know how to heal.

Emotional pain is no different.  When we feel emotional pain it hurts.  Where it hurts may be little harder to place than if you are physically hurt but the pain tells you the same thing – to pay attention to the feelings that are coming up because they point toward something that needs to heal.  The “band aid” we use to heal our emotional pain depends on what our “internal environment” is like.  If we are emotionally healthy, we know we create our own reality and what we see in our outside world is a reflection of what is going on in our inside world so we allow the painful feeling to come up, feel it, release it and take a step in a different direction next time the particular situation that causes us pain comes up.  We “band aid” our pain using healthy modes such as being in nature, deep breathing, talking to friends or a counselor we trust, exercising, or doing any one of the many things we love to do to raise our vibration, clear the heavy energy and move on.  If we are not healthy emotionally, we ignore the pain hoping it goes away because it hurts and we do not want to feel the pain (who does!), we stuff it down, try to forget about the event that happened to cause the pain, and then take out our pain and frustration on others by yelling, letting anger rule our thinking and behaviors, physically or emotionally abusing others and ourselves, and cover up the pain with numbing, addicting habits such as smoking, drinking, drugs or any one of the many “isms” that constitute an addiction (work, sex, etc.)

Just as our physical bodies naturally know how to heal, our emotional bodies do as well.  Our emotional body knows that what is causing the pain, the toxin, needs to be released – the same as if a toxin was in your physical body.  Let’s face it though…we don’t like to feel emotional pain.  But what needs to be realized is that if you just allow the feeling to surface, deal with the situation that caused the pain once and for all and LET IT GO, healing occurs.  It’s funny how human behavior works because what we choose to do is hold on to the pain, keep repeating the scenario that happened in our head over and over again (thinking we somehow will be able to figure it out) and allow the pain to linger for much longer than it needs to.  (That is called masochism by the way!  Lol!)

Today, when an uncomfortable feeling arises (the pain), allow yourself just to feel it for a moment.  Sit in the feeling and let it come up.  As it comes up, breathe deeply and ask for healing to occur around whatever situation is bothering you.  Then, go do something nice for yourself.  Get a cup of coffee, take a walk, listen to your favorite song, etc.  Allow yourself to heal!

Our heaven, my friends, is not an external place we must earn our way into.  Heaven is the reality we create inside ourselves.  Our internal environment is dictated by the feelings that we allow to rule the roost inside our heads that drive our daily behaviors.  You can choose your attitude and thoughts in ANY situation!  Every thought leads to a feeling so be careful what you choose.  Don’t ever let the behavior of others dictate how you feel.  Only you have control of those switches – don’t give your remote over to someone else.  Create a “green” internal environment, trash what needs to go, recycle old limiting thoughts to new ones that serve you and live in a reality that YOU create!

Do you want to live in a Heaven or a Hell?  That is your choice…

Needing a band aid on my heart today,


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