Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep….

Most of the time, when I talk about “dreams,” people think I am referring to their night time, sleeping dreams.  And although I am not, your sleeping dreams play a very big role in helping you navigate what steps to take on your journey to manifest those waking dreams that you hold in your heart.

We all dream every night whether you remember your dreams or not.  Dreaming is one of the ways the conscious mind clears itself from all of the millions of things it takes in during any given day.  Each one of us has our own “dream language,” so to speak.  Our dreams use symbolism to get messages to us from our guides and angels.  Even deceased loved ones use our dreams to visit us and send us messages.  The key to being able to interpret your dreams is to take the time to learn your dream language.  You can do this by keeping a dream journal every night and jotting down images and basic notes of what you can remember from each dream.  You do not need to write a story, just what you remember:  colors, people, places, how you felt, odd things such as you weren’t wearing shoes, animals, weather, etc.  Look for patterns in your dreams and record the time you had the dream and the date.  My daughter did this for a while when she was having very vivid dreams and noticed that she always had the same type of dream every Monday night for several weeks in a row!

The more abstract your dream, the more powerful the message so it is important to be able to understand what your dream is trying to tell you.  Especially try to remember your dreams if it is repetitive, extremely vivid or wakes you up…those are “red flags” that the dream has a very important meaning.  There are some things that have general meanings in dreams for everyone, such as colors but there are other things that are meaning-specific just for you.  For instance, I know when I dream about a tornado that something major is about to come into my life and how I am going to handle it depends on where I am in relation to the storm in my dream:  am I outside facing it or am I in the basement of a house hiding from it, etc.

Some basic general meanings for you just for fun:


Red = intense emotion
Yellow = change/creativity
Blue = peace/harmony
Green = healing
Purple, White or Gold = spirituality
Pink = love
Orange = action/actualization
Gray = uncertainty/indecision

Most popular things dreamt about and what they represent:

House = indicates yourself (inside of the house is how you see yourself and outside is how others view you.)
Water = inner emotions or your feelings toward life
Falling = fear of losing control
Flying = psychic abilities coming to the surface
Being chased = a problem not being faced
Loose teeth = changes coming around the corner
Snakes = your energy drive and the ego
Death = a new beginning is coming

So, start a dream journal tonight and see what comes up for you while you are sleeping.  Sleep is our healing time and it is also a time where all of our ego patterns and conscious mind get a break and we are closest to our true selves.  Learn who you are through your dreams and let them help you on your “journey back to self!”

Yawning yet as awake as ever,


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