F.A.T. = Focus

“To believe in the things you can see and touch is no belief at all – but to believe in the unseen is a triumph and a blessing.”
Abraham Lincoln

I had an amazing experience happen to me this week…I became a Grandma for the first time!  Little Noah James came into the world on January 8th and what a sacred little soul he is!  2012 was a rough year for many and I think we all breathed a sigh of relief when the clock turned to 2013 hoping easier times were on the way.  My little man came in at just the right time!

Throughout our lives, we see many things…some good and some not so good.  We tend to believe that what we see is what is real.  If we can touch it, taste it, hear it, and see it then that is our proof of its reality.  During my life, the most amazing experiences I have had have been “surreal.”  Synchronistic events that put me in the right place at the right time, a chance meeting with someone who seems to say just what you need to hear, smelling the scent of a loved one who has passed away making you wonder if they are near, and even the miraculous birth of child.

At this time, the most important job you have to do is focus on F.A.T.  No, I don’t mean the excess adipose tissue around your belly and behind.  I mean Feelings, Attention and Thoughts.  Just like the fat on your body keeps you warm, protects your organs and a certain amount of it is necessary for a healthy body, so follows that your feelings, thoughts and attention keep you warm, safe and spiritually healthy.

Your feelings are the physical manifestation of guidance from above.  We all have different beliefs about God and what is beyond this world we live in, but regardless of your beliefs, one thing we all have in common is that we all have feelings.  There are really only two feelings…good and bad.  The formula is simple.  Once you learn to listen to your feelings, you will know that anytime you feel good, you are moving in the right direction.  If you are feeling bad, you are off of your path.  Pause and either wait if you are not sure what to do or make a different choice.

Where we focus our attention is the exact thing that magnetizes people, places, things and situations into our lives.  Focus on the things that you want…focus on your dreams.  Stop beating the drum of “what is” and beat the drum of “what is possible.”

Your thoughts are in your control whether you believe that or not.  Focus on the thoughts that make you feel good.  Your thoughts are connected to your attention and where your attention is dictates how you feel.  Your brain does not work in a vacuum.  If you have a not so good thought, don’t just ignore it, replace it with one that is in alignment with where you want to go and what you want in your life.  Replace it with a thought that makes you feel better.

I challenge you to focus on F.A.T. and watch how your life begins to transform before your eyes.  Believe in what you cannot see.  What if there is a world just beyond ours where we can manifest what we want instantly, feel good all of the time and have a life of abundance, unconditional love and joy?  That world exists…you just haven’t created it yet.

“Granny” Chris


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