“I Want to be a Millionaire”…BUT….

Most of us were brought up to believe the following formula:


In other words, if I DO something (whatever that something is), then I will HAVE whatever it is I am wanting and THEN (and for most, ONLY then!) will I BELIEVE it is true.  Say, for example, you want to be a millionaire.  If we follow this belief, you would DO what millionaires do, then HAVE what millionaires have, and then you would BELIEVE you are a millionaire because you SEE it, TOUCH it and FEEL it…right?

Reality check…THAT IS NOT HOW IT WORKS!!!

Here is the real formula:


Your emotions and feelings are the language of the Universe.  You have to believe in what you want, feel in your bones that you already have it and THEN the law of attraction kicks in!  Law is law.  Universal law says like attracts like.  Your thoughts and feelings send out a vibration.  The Universe is made up of matter and matter has energy.  Energy vibrates.  Your vibration (which you send out based on where your attention is currently…i.e., what you are thinking about most and feeling the most), is the signal the Universe picks up from you.  That signal tells it what you want.  It does not know the difference between good/bad; right/wrong; what you want or don’t want…it assumes that what you are focusing on the most (what you are feeling the most) is what you want.

So, back to the millionaire example…if we now follow this formula you first BELIEVE that you are a millionaire and feel it in your bones what it is like to be a millionaire.  Hang out where millionaires hang out, talk to them, and get a feel for how it feels to really be one.  Then, because you feel you are one, you proceed to naturally DO the things millionaires do (use your imagination here!  Lol!).  Once you are doing what millionaires do, you then will eventually find that you HAVE what millionaires have.  The key is FEELING IT and BELIEVING IT, regardless of if it is currently in front of you yet!  The believing is what draws it to you!

Below is an excerpt from one of my favorite authors, Ernest Holmes.  He is a bit deep but the following excerpt speaks perfectly to this topic.  Enjoy!

(The entire excerpt below is from “The Science of Mind; A Philosophy, A Faith, A Way of Life,” by Ernest Holmes – A Formula for Effective Prayer)



Cast aside all doubt, O Soul of mine, and be unafraid, for Thy power is from On High.
He Who sitteth in the heavens shall be Thy champion;
Thou need not fear; Come forth, O Spirit, from within and express Thyself through me and let
not my doubts hinder Thy approach.
My faith shall go forth to meet Thee, and my confidence shall embrace Thee.
My waiting thought shall bid Thee welcome to my house of Love,
And Joy shall accompany us through the ages yet to come.
I lay aside all fear and doubt.


This plumbs the very depths of the metaphysical and psychological law of our being, and explains the possibility of an answer to our prayers.  When we pray we are to believe that we have.  We are surrounded by a universal law which is creative.  It moves from thought to the thing.  Unless there is first an image, it cannot move, for there would be nothing for it to move toward.  Prayer, which is a mental act, must accept its own answer as an image in mind, before the divine energies can play upon it and make it productive.

As we must plant a seed before we can reap a harvest, so we must believe before our prayers can be answered.  Prayer should reach a point of acceptance, an unqualified and undisputed place of agreement.  Let us take the mental images of our desires to the bosom of the Creative Life, and here make them known by impressing them upon It with positive belief.  If we do this, our prayers will be answered.

But let us remember that true prayer is always universal.  There can be no good to us alone, only as that good is for all.  This does not mean that we are to refrain from asking what we desire, but that we should wish only for that which is good.  For instance, it is good to have a home; it is good for all people to have homes while here on Earth; it is right to ask for one, but it would not be right to ask for one belonging to another.

If we wish to pray for a home, we should take the idea of a house with us into the silence and meditate upon its actual being.  We should believe that we have and own a home, but we should leave the idea free to fulfill itself, without any definite choosing of how, where, why or when.  In this way, we pray aright and when we so pray, we pray effectively.

God wills us to have everything.  As we express life, we fulfill God’s law of abundance, but we do this only as we realize that there is good enough to go around – only as we know that all of God’s gifts are given as freely and fully as the air and the sunshine…alike to all.

Believing I am a “New York Times Best Selling Author and Speaker”,



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