Endings and Beginnings

“I really don’t think life is about the “I could have beens.”  Life is only about the “I tried to do.”  I don’t mind the failure, but I can’t imagine that I’d forgive myself if I didn’t try.” ~Nikki Giovanni, poet

Well I did it.  I am officially a resident of the West coast and can proudly say I live in the Southwest.  The last two weeks have been a roller coaster of emotions and to say I am exhausted is an understatement!  From driving for 5 days last week across the country and experiencing the joy of seeing the beauty each town we passed through offered, to spending this entire week settling into my gorgeous house in Scottsdale, I feel like I have run a marathon.

We all hear that change is good and as I always say, change is the only constant we have in our lives.  When something major in our life changes, whether it is a move, a job change, a death, a child going off to school; whatever it is, we tend to find ourselves feeling a bit anxious.  That moment of panic hits you where you want to run back to your old life and the old ways of doing things but down deep you know you can’t…and then when you realize that, the panic gets worse!  But, it subsides, you settle into your new life and things become “normal” again.

The reality we experience is based on the perceptions we hold in our minds and those perceptions are under only one persons control…YOURS!  If we could learn one thing in this lifetime that would change the entire way we live and see our life it would be allowing change into our lives with no fear.  Fear is only what you choose to perceive.  Learning to let the past be the past and allowing the future to naturally unfold instead of trying to control every aspect of it is a gift once learned.  We need to experience endings in order for new beginnings to enter…how else would we move our lives forward?  Our life is about accumulating as many experiences as possible before we reach the end.  We take our consciousness and our feelings with us when we cross, not our bank account or our cars.  Instead of fearing change we need to fear uniformity.  Change means we are growing and our life is moving forward.  Staying the same is safe, yes, but you are not growing, loving, learning and tasting life!!!

Today, allow your life to flow.  Allow things to end whose time has come to end (you know what those things are in your gut) and let go of the path you have “created” and just flow for awhile.  See where life takes you.  Don’t be afraid.  God never leads you astray.

“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experiences.” ~Eleanor Roosevelt

Allowing for AZ new beginnings,

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