Achy, Breaky Heart

I know…it hurts.  That ache in your heart from being disappointed, betrayed once again, losing someone you love, words that sting so bad you feel them physically…ouch!  Welcome to the power of your heart chakra.

The middle of your chest is an extremely powerful area.  When we are surprised, our hand automatically goes there.  When we are hurt, our hand automatically goes there.  We know that part of our body is the core of our very being…the place where all of our healing occurs so we do what we need to do to protect it.  The center of your chest is where your heart chakra sits.  This chakra is so powerful I decided to single it out in this blog.  Click here Fourth Chakra to view more information about this chakra.

The life and spiritual theme that resonates from your heart chakra is “love is divine power.”  Love…we are motivated by it, inspired by it, controlled by it, destroyed by it, healed by it, and hurt by it.  Every single one of our life lessons is in some shape or form a lesson in an aspect of love; lessons on either how we love one another or how we love ourselves.  How we respond to our life lessons is recorded in our physical cell tissue and in our heart chakra – the choices we make, whether we like it or not, show up in our biology.  We physically manifest the consequences of our choices and lack of honoring ourselves or others in the form of illnesses.

If this chakra is imbalanced at all, and it is for most people out there right now, you will notice issues around your heart, circulatory system, lungs, shoulders, arms, ribs, breasts, diaphragm, thymus gland, and breathing issues.  All of these are a clue that there is some lesson in love you are being called to learn.

Two weeks ago I was swimming laps in the pool as usual.  On about lap 5 I started to panic because all of a sudden I couldn’t breathe.  I became overwhelmed with terror that I was going to drown and die.  I felt an extremely heavy sensation in my chest.  It was so strong that I began to hyperventilate.  I got out of the pool and experienced a momentary black-out, came to and spent the rest of the day wondering what the heck happened to me in that pool.

For the last several months, my heart chakra has taken quite the beating (I think many of you can relate).  I have had disappointments in relationships, my career, finances, etc.  All of which have felt like a blow to my chest.  It has been hard to get over.  Especially the romantic ones…finding out through Facebook that the man I dated at the beginning of the year who I just broke up with in February, who swore he didn’t lie to me or cheat on me just got married in June…well, to say the least, that was a whopper!  How do you recover from that?

I realized, with the help of some great friends, that my heart experienced an opening in that pool.  When we have been hurt so much in life, we tend to do what we need to do in order to protect the sacred space around our heart.  I apparently decided at some point to put a rock over mine.  Stone cold!  That rock broke and out came all of the emotions I had been bottling up for so long…hence the terror I felt.

Since, “the pool incident,” I have had bursts of aches in my chest and back between my shoulder blades; all symptoms of the process of an opening of the heart.

We are entering a time in history where it is not an option anymore to have an open heart…it is a necessity.  These new times call for heart-centered living and in order to live from the heart, the heart has to be open.  It is not as easy as it sounds.  It calls for mastering the process of “letting go and letting God”…not so easy for us control freaks.

Spend some time today nurturing your heart.  Take a stroll in nature; listen to some classical music or burn a rose scented candle.  It’s ok…your heart is meant to be open.  Being open and vulnerable to what is out there is scary…I know.  But trust and allow life to guide you to the experiences you are supposed to have to learn about love.  Love makes the world go round…remember?  😉

Loving you with my open heart,


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