Riding the Waves of Forgiveness

If you haven’t noticed, this past week we just completed was a doozy!  Taking action and honoring ourselves is not an easy task sometimes…especially when those around you react to the actions and choices of the “new you” in not so positive of a manner.  (If our new choices affect their world, they usually don’t like it!)  The main energy that moved through this past week was the energy of Divine action.  When an energy such as this moves through, it causes manifestations we have been waiting for but with a consequence…that consequence being the breakdown of old relationships or patterns that no longer serve us.  Remember that in order for the new to enter, the old must exit.  Sometimes the old does not give into exiting so easily…especially if we are holding on to our old patterns for dear life.  The more we hold on to the old, the more the old will continue to manifest and grow in our lives (like it or not) and the new has no space to enter.
In perfect succession, the energies that are coming through this week are the energies of the crystal Dioptase – the stone of forgiveness.  Dioptase is a beautiful green stone, almost like an emerald, and is the most powerful stone in regards to a forgiving and open heart.

Forgiveness is a tricky thing and not as easy as it sounds.  As humans, we have a tendency to hold onto pain and old hurts, thinking that it is serving us somehow to play the “victim” role.  Holding onto thoughts such as these creates patterns to run in our lives that constantly attract to us situations and people who will act the same way with us…giving us an opportunity time and time again to learn what we need to learn to release the pattern that is driving our so-called “victimhood.”  We confuse forgiving someone with saying what they did to us was ok.

When you forgive someone, you are not condoning their actions, but you are releasing yourself from perpetuating the energetic pattern that has caused you pain.” ~Naisha Ahsian

Today, think of those who have hurt you or caused you pain and ask yourself, “What would I do in this moment if this person or situation no longer had power over me?”  Try that attitude on for size, just for today…see what actions or thoughts arise.  You might not be there yet, and that is ok.  Each step we take brings us closer to our higher self.  It’s not the steps that count, but how you take them.

Stay tuned this week for more on forgiveness of others and yourself, how to heal emotional pain, the role relationships play in our lives and living from a place of non-judgment with others.

Have a fascinating Monday!

Walking the path,