This is my first blog post officially from Scottsdale, AZ.  I arrived at my new home yesterday afternoon at a sweltering 113 degrees!  My new home is beautiful with a scenic view of the McDowell Mountain Range as the view from my backyard.

Our road trip out here was 4 ½ days long, 38 hours and 2400 miles.  By the end of our trip, we were laughing at everything we were so slap happy.  (Thank you Eddie Fetty!)

This morning I woke up, drove my friend Donna to the airport at 4:00am and on my drive home it hit me what I had done…moved my life 3000 miles away from everything I know!  I burst into tears!  It is a most interesting sensation to not know where you are going, to not know a soul where you live and not to have your normal “comforts” around you.  When we find ourselves in times like this that is when we need to embrace the newness of life and the Divine change with which our life has been blessed.  New-ness is scary sometimes, but it is needed.  When you feel uncomfortable in your life that is when you are growing the most.  It is life letting you know that something needs to shift and that shift will take you closer to your life purpose.

New-ness is scary because we want to know for sure what the outcome will be and that we will be ok.  Learn to trust your intuition and the powers that be and know that we do not need to know the outcome…sometimes it is better not to know and more exciting!  Our choices are more pure and present moment – which is where our power lies.

This week’s focus will be on “foresight,” and having the courage to trust Divine will over personal will, learning to receive, the best use of your personal power and learning to master your mind to manifest what you want in your life.  Apatite is our power crystal this week and she reminds us that our foresight into our life is very powerful if we trust it.

Take time today to trust your gut and go with the flow.  See where life wants to take you.  Let go of the steering wheel and let the Divine drive for a bit.

(Where was the Divine the last 5 days?  I could have used a driving break!!  Lol!)

Loving my new home and not being in the car,


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Welcome to the “Unknown”

“We can only be made as new as we are willing to let go of who we have been.”  ~Guy Finley

Change is a funny thing.  Some thrive off of change and some do everything they can do avoid it.  One thing I will tell you that I have personally learned about change is that it is the only constant in our lives…like it or not, change is going to happen.  It is happening all around us at this moment.

Many do not like change because it puts them in a space of unknown.  As humans, we like certainty.  We like being able to predict what may happen and plan for how to handle it.  Pretty much, we like to control as many circumstances (and sometimes people) in our lives as possible because for some reason that makes us feel safe.  We think we have more control than we actually do…

I have watched many of my family and friends (and myself) continue to repeat old patterns simply due to the fact that we were afraid of changing the circumstances because of the “unknown factor.”  Did you ever look at your life and ask yourself, “Why do I keep attracting the same people or the same circumstances into my life over and over again?”  I recently asked myself this question in regards to my relationships.  I seemed to attract the same type of men all of the time…ones who seemed nice on the surface but underneath were not what they claimed themselves to be.  When I was finally able to step back, after A LOT of pain I might add, and look at why this might be happening, I realized two things.  One, we are consistently given the same situations over and over again because there is a lesson that needs to be learned that we are just not learning.  And two, why are we not learning the lesson? Because we are afraid to change…afraid to change what we believe or what we are doing because of the “unknown.”  We constantly go back to similar situations, even if they cause us pain, because at least we know how to handle them…even if they bring us pain.  That seems safer than doing something new and dealing with an “unknown.”

To become more comfortable with the unknown you have to have faith…ACTIVE faith, that there is a higher power working in your favor.  A faith that everything happens for a reason and that everything, even though it may look “bad” on the surface, is for the higher good.  You need to realize that you are NOT in control, cannot control other people and their reactions to you and that your power comes from honoring yourself in everything you do.  How do you know if you’re honoring yourself?  Is what you are doing in alignment with your truth and highest ideals?  Is it honest?  Is it coming from a good intention that will benefit not only you but others?  Self-honor is self-love in action!
It is time to step up and change…do not be afraid.  Everyone, at a soul level is Divine and good, just align your actions with that Divine part of you.  Then you will understand the comfort of living in the unknown and feeling the warm wings of angels surround you with the faith you now carry.

I move forward fearlessly trusting that each step I take is perfectly and Divinely guided.

Honoring my true self,