Your 7 Impossible Things

This is taken from Chapter 3 ~ Overcoming Limiting Beliefs from “Choosing the Life You Were Born to Live:  How Changing Your Thoughts Will Change Your Life” by Chris Sopa, published by Balboa Press.  Click here to purchase your copy!

“One great way to see where your fears lie is to bring them up in your mind for a brief moment in time so you can shed some light on them.

A wonderful exercise I have my coaching clients do is to list seven things in your life you want so bad but are scared to death will never happen:  Your “Seven Impossible Things.” Why seven? Because seven is a very sacred number and there is a certain power in having to force yourself to think of more than just three or five things. You have to go deeper into your mind and deeper into your fears.

The key to the exercise is to list the seven things you want and then walk through all of the reasons why you think it won’t happen…what you fear will get in the way of it happening. Then, in a column next to it, list all of the reasons how it could happen.

When you take the time to really think through and put on paper your fears and then possible solutions to those fears, the fears lose their power. The fears turn simply into obstacles that can be easily overcome with a plan and a little faith. You then are also focusing on what you want to have happen instead of all of the reasons why it cannot happen, using the power of your thoughts to manifest exactly what you need.

Having a plan, is one of the ways to overcome fear; another way is to understand and know that Divine is there to help you on your journey. You are never alone.”

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Faith or Fear?

There I was, sitting at my kitchen table in the new house my husband and I had just bought.  It was 2003.  I had a stack of bills in front of me that always seemed to be higher than the amount that was in our checking account needed to pay them.  I had just come through a life-threatening illness and was finally asymptomatic.

I recently had returned to my corporate job after four months of being on short-term disability.  I knew it was a mistake but the bills had to get paid.  After all, I had a responsibility to my family to take care of them.  The problem was, no one was taking care of me…including myself.

I sat there staring at the pile of bills and a question hit me:  Which one can I do more without, money or my health?  It was then that it hit me.  If I continued down the same path that made me sick, I would surely end up sick again.  Nothing changes if nothing changes.  I had to make a change in order to keep my health.  Money means nothing unless you are healthy and feel good to enjoy the benefits having money brings.  Who wants to travel when they are sick?  Who can enjoy their beautiful house if they are working all of the time and then when they are home, they are in bed because they are so exhausted?

It was then that I made a choice.  I chose to leave my corporate job and start my own business where I had the flexibility to choose how to spend my time as well as how much money I deserved to make.  I chose faith over fear.  There were a lot of unknowns in front of me.  Would I be successful?  What exactly would I do?  Would I make enough money?  What if I didn’t?  I decided I could not afford to be afraid and took the leap.  My life depended on it.

Now, almost 10 years later, I can tell you a few things that I learned about choosing to make my decision on faith instead of in fear.

  • There is a difference between thinking something and feeling it.  It is when you let go of the “what ifs” that your belief takes hold.  When you finally feel it, it is then that the thing you want comes to pass.
  • There is less energy involved in faith than in fear.  Fear drains you…faith feeds you.
  • Talking about faith and walking in faith are two different things.  Anyone can say that they have faith…very few walk the talk.
  • Worry is a lack of faith.  Find that part of you down deep that knows you will be okay.  It is there.  It is just hiding behind the darkness that you call your thoughts.

Finally, every single day take time out to do at least one activity that nurtures you and your soul.  Do something that brings you joy even if it is only for 10 minutes.  If you find that fear creeps up on you again, realize that the only thing that changes from one moment to the next is the thought you are holding in your mind.  Change your thought, do something kind for yourself or someone else and watch with open eyes what the world looks like when you see it through the lens of faith.

Trust me…it is a beauty!  😉

Love you,


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Oh My!!!

As we must plant a seed before we reap a harvest, so we must believe before our prayers can be answered.”  ~Ernest Holmes, “The Science of Mind

Do you ever feel as if the line “Lions and Tigers and Bears, OH MY!” from the Wizard of Oz is your life this month?  There are many things happening all around us; people who are acting out of sorts, places that just do not feel the same and situations that seem to no longer fit in our lives.  This is all part of the process…the process of ascension.  What is ascension?  Ascension is simply the process of moving your soul, your inner self, to a new level of awareness.  It is happening to all of us as we speak.  2012 is not about the end of the world; 2012 if about a new way – a new consciousness.  One of which we work together, we honor ourselves and our brothers and sisters, one where there is no judgment, no deceit, no lies; one where we all finally realize the true meaning of unconditional love.

August finds us all facing many realities in our lives.  With two full moons, the last one being tomorrow, August 31st, we are asked to look once and for all at our lives and “clean house.”  Have you noticed the turmoil this month?  Have you noticed the constant bombardment of chaos, drama and upset?  Although you may perceive these things as “bad” because they do not feel so great, they are blessings for you.  They are coming up to show you, as they have time and time again, what you need to balance, release and work on in your life.  Are there people in your life that just cause constant drama, that do not make you feel your best?  Are you in situations or a job that causes you undue stress?  Are you tired of not having enough money and wonder why no matter what you do money slips through your fingers and you just never have enough?

As we move through these times, we need to remember two things to cope:

1.  Your feelings are the physical manifestation of guidance – Your feelings are the language of the universe.  You have them for a reason – and that reason is not to make you feel miserable.  If you have been feeling down this month and ready to throw in the towel (trust me, I have been there all month as well!), try to look at what is happening from a different perspective.  The situations that are causing you stress and bringing up these “not so good” feelings are there to show you what needs to change in your life.  The feelings are the answers to your prayers.  They are the things showing you what you need to do to change for the better.  The challenge is having the courage to do what you already know needs to be done.  Is it pulling away from certain people in your life?  Is it ending a relationship?  Is it changing jobs?  Is it finally kicking an addictive habit?  And my all time favorite; is it changing how you think about who you are so you can finally live into the Divinity which is your birthright?

Try unconditionally loving yourself for once-it’s not so easy.  You are your worst critic.  If you spoke to and treated your friends the way your treat yourself, how many friends would you have?  That’s what I thought…

 2.  Know what you need to do to keep your center – Do you know what things you like to do that make you feel good?  When you are stressed beyond belief, what are some things that relieve your stress (good, healthy things – wine does not count!)?  We all need to know how to cope when things just don’t seem to be going our way.  I spent 4 years on the Board of Education and one of the areas I saw in our youth and that I see in adults in my Coaching practice that is the cause of most illnesses is the lack of coping skills.  How do you cope?  Crawling in bed and throwing the covers over your head is not coping.

Honest moment – for the last two days I have been depressed beyond belief.  My trip out east to visit my “old life” was disappointing to say the least.  Nothing out east had really changed…but I have changed…for the better.  Any endings bring sadness and when we allow sadness in for too long its best friend is usually fear.  I had every fear in history come up for me the last two days; fear of not having enough money, fear of my future, fear of success, fear for my children who are both starting new chapters in their lives, fear of being alone for the rest of my life, fear of not making it to where I want to go in my business, fear of what others were thinking of me…blah, blah, blah.  I had to re-group and cope.  How did I do that?  I pulled back, took a walk, listened to music, read passages in books that inspire me, re-read my bucket list and surrounded myself with friends who inspire me and lift me up and I shut everything else out.  I took care of me.  Did I snap out of it?  For the most part…but remember that your life is about the journey, not the end point.  We signed up for it all; sadness and joy because that is the beauty of being human.

Why not make your “Oh my” feel good for once!  😉

This is a kind Universe and everyone and everything in it is working in your favor.  There are no tests, blocks or obstacles in your way, except your own projections of fear into your future.”  ~Doreen Virtue

I like my ruby red slippers!  Click, click!


Chris Sopa is founder and owner of Chris Sopa International, Inc. You can learn more about her at Find her at, Twitter @ChrisSopa, LinkedIn, and .

Do You Know Where You Are?

You cannot get to where you want to go until you know where you are starting from.

If I got in my car and wanted to drive to “Destination B” I would need to know two things; where do I want to end up and where am I starting from.  I cannot get in my car and say, “Hey, let’s drive to Boston” and get there if I do not know where I am starting my journey.  How would I know whether I need to drive, fly or take a boat?  How would I know if there were going to be any detours along the way?  How would I know how long it would take to get there?

Many people can tell you at least vaguely at least one goal they would like to achieve in their lives.  Many set these goals and never achieve them.  Why?  They have failed to do two things:  clearly define exactly what it is they want and clearly define where they are starting from.  If I have a goal to be a New York Times bestselling author (which I do!), the first thing you might say I need to do to start on that goal would be to write a book (duh!), but you need to start even more basic than that.  I would need to look at my writing skills first and where I may need to brush up to make them better.  I need to do my research and study other authors who have made it to the New York Times list and see what they have done.  And most importantly, I would need to take a look deep within myself and define why do I want this goal?  If it is so important to me, why haven’t I achieved it yet?  (And you are not allowed to blame others for the answer to that one – leave the victim mentality at the door!)  The only reason you have not achieved what you want in life is because of one person…YOU!  Yes, there are outside circumstances that need to be in alignment for a dream to manifest, but have you been present to notice the opportunities when they arrive?  Have you “given up” in your head by procrastinating and making excuses not to do what you need to do?  Is F.E.A.R. stopping you?  Is low self-esteem getting in your way – do you feel “unworthy” of that level of success?

Sit down with a pen and paper and answer the following questions twice.  In the first round, answer the question after thinking about it for a minute…using your conscious part of your brain.  In the second round, answer each question with the very first thing that comes to your mind…use your intuition.  (This exercise works best if you answer the first set of questions, take a small break, then come back and answer the second set of questions.)

  1. What do you most need right now?
  2. What do you most want right now?
  3. What is your deepest fear?
  4. What is your biggest dream?
  5. What do you need to be happy?
  6. What is your greatest strength?
  7. What is your biggest obstacle?
  8. In what area are you your own worst enemy?
  9. What is the most satisfying part of your life?
  10. What is missing in your life?
  11. Where would you like to see the most change in the next year?
  12. What is your life purpose?

Do you see any patterns in the answers?  If so, there is your first clue as to where you may need to do some work on yourself.  When my coaching clients do this exercise, it always points to those places that are blocking them from living the life they want to live…these things are blocking them from achieving their goals.

Take one of the patterns you see, let’s say it is a fear of failure, and question your thinking?  Write down the answers to these questions.  What are you afraid of exactly?  Can you be absolutely certain that thought is true?  How do you feel when you think that thought?  Who would you be, how would you feel and what would you do without that thought?  Now create a different thought that makes you feel good (a thought in alignment with what you want) and whenever you catch yourself thinking the old thought, clear, cancel, delete and say the new thought to yourself.  Re-frame your thinking!

Thoughts are a choice my friends.  If a thought isn’t making you feel good, change it.  Every thought leads to a feeling and every feeling leads to an action/behavior.  If you want to change your behaviors you have to change your thoughts…that simple.

Don’t separate life from living.  Your life lies underneath your life situation at the moment.  You ARE living it!  This IS your life!  It is perfect just the way it is.  If you don’t have something in your life right now that you want, all that means is you probably don’t really need it right now.  If you needed it, it would be here.  The Universe is a kind place and there is a Divine order in everything that occurs.  Trust it!  Make life the best one you can…this is not a dress rehearsal.  😉

God is the lead dancer and the soul is the partner
completely attuned to the rhythm and patterns set by the partner. She does not lead, but neither does she hang limp like a sack of potatoes.
~Thomas Merton quoted in Listening to the Music of the Spirit by David Lonsdale

Hang in there,


Chris Sopa is founder and owner of Chris Sopa International, Inc. You can learn more about her at Find her at, Twitter @ChrisSopa, LinkedIn, and .

How “Green” is Your Internal Environment?

Our ultimate freedom is the right and power to decide how anybody or anything outside ourselves will affect us”. ~Stephen Covey

When I was 7 years old my friend Tracie and I decided to play “barber shop” in my garage.  Tracie had long blonde hair down to her hips of which her mother doted and was very proud.  As we took turns sitting in the barber chair pretending to cut each other’s hair, I had a brilliant idea…what if I really cut Tracie’s hair; her mother loved it and then used me to cut Tracie’s hair from now on!  (Give me a break, I was 7 years old!)  So, I ran in the house, got a pair of scissors and cut away.  I mean CUT away…when I was done Tracie’s hair was shorter than Liza Minnelli’s on a bad hair day!

Needless to say, her mother hated it, screamed at me and I was scarred for life!  This one incident led me to develop a complex for being an extreme perfectionist on top of being terrified of displeasing somebody for fear they would yell at me.  Whenever we have a heart wrenching experience, it sets up our conditioning in a way that (if we allow) changes our behaviors when a similar experience occurs in the future.  I obviously did not go into Cosmetology after that experience, but I did allow other people and events from then on to affect my choices.  Due to the fear of being yelled at, not liked and shamed for not being “perfect,” I began to make my life choices based on what I thought other people expected of me.  What’s funny about this habit is that how do you ever really know what someone else is thinking and what they expect of you?  You don’t!

Don Miguel Ruiz has a wonderful little book entitled, The Four Agreements.”  The four agreements are simply:

  1. Don’t make assumptions
  2. Do your best at all times
  3. Be impeccable with your word
  4. Don’t take things personal

The hardest one of these agreements, in my opinion, is not taking things personally.  When you can finally realize that we each interpret an experience based on our own conditioning and perspective, then we can finally understand that it is ok to make decisions without external input.  What we choose in the moment of the experience is ok, regardless of if anyone else agrees.

We hear constantly about greening the environment; adding solar panels on your house to all natural materials to make every item in your house is the green way to do things.  I say we all green our internal environment.  Take an inventory of the toxic items and garbage in that brain of yours, get rid of the hazards and create your internal environment to be one that is protected from external toxins; mainly, what other people think.  Why do you value what someone else thinks so much over your own thoughts?  What makes their thoughts better than yours?  Just because their external environment looks green, does not mean they are internally green.  Ask any coach…we hear and see it all day long!  We are all great actors.

Refuse to let anyone talk you out of your own feelings.

Refuse to be reduced to someone else’s opinion of you.

And know in this moment and every moment going forward that you are worthy of being loved unconditionally…no matter what the external environment is telling you.

Unconditionally green,


Chris Sopa is founder and owner of Chris Sopa International, Inc.  You can learn more about her at  Find her at, Twitter @ChrisSopa, LinkedIn, and

Follow the Leader?

“Do not follow where the path may lead.  Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” ~Muriel Strode, writer

A client of mine told me recently that she and her daughter went to see the new movie about Katy Perry and to her surprise, found it very inspiring.  I asked her what made it inspiring and she went on to tell me how when Katy Perry was “found,” many folks in the industry were trying to make her into a duplicate of one of the other already popular stars, such as Britney Spears and Avril Lavigne.  Katy insisted on not being a “second of somebody else” but a “first” Katy Perry.  As we all know, Katy Perry is a very good Katy Perry!  She was not afraid to be unique and most importantly, not afraid to be herself.

We all find ourselves throughout our lives in situations where we have to make a very important choice and the first thing we usually do is to seek the advice and counsel of others whom we trust.  We ask everyone what they think, how they feel and what they would do, often ignoring our own internal compass.  As we are growing up, other people’s opinions very much form how we see ourselves.  It is just human nature.  One day we finally realize that the view we have of ourselves and sometimes the entire life we are living was formed completely based on what other people thought we should do and we are nowhere to be found.

Doing what we feel is right free of outside influences is not as easy as it sounds.  We often get caught up in wanting to know ahead of time if the decision is the right one.  Somehow we think if others say it is so, then it must be true, not trusting our own feelings.  I like to call this an easy out because then if what we are pursuing doesn’t work out, guess what, it wasn’t our fault.  It was their fault because they were the ones who told us to do it in the first place, right?  The hardest thing about making choices is the big “R” word…Responsibility.  Once we make a choice, we must take responsibility for that choice.

Some rules of thumb for “good” choice-making:

  1. Define what you want and manifest your world free of the will of others and their influence.  What you think DOES matter!
  2. Have confidence in yourself and a higher power (whatever you may call your higher power – God, the Universe, Krishna, etc.).  This confidence allows you to relax and just be.
  3. Do not be afraid to be your true self.  It is so much easier to just be YOU than to try to be what you think everyone else expects you to be.  When you are being your true self, your life purpose easily unfolds right before your eyes.
  4. Be mindful of where you lose your power (when you suddenly feel differently in a negative way around a person, place or thing you have “lost your power”).  Cut cords with people, places, thoughts and situations that do not make you feel good.  These things are draining your energy and affecting your choices.
  5. Focus only on the moment.  Does the choice you are making now feel good in your gut?  There is a big difference between feeling like the right thing in your gut vs. feeling like the right thing because it is easy.  Check your feelings after you make the decision and see how you feel.  You will know down deep.  Be honest with yourself.
  6. Do not focus on the result.  I know that is contrary to what all of the business-minded people may think.  The result of any situation is ultimately not up to us.  Think about all of the situations in your life that have worked out due to synchronistic events or coincidences.  Could you have really planned and mastered all of that yourself?  Focus on the choice in the moment only.  The result will be whatever it will be and trust me, there is always a reason for why things work out the way they do.  The good or bad label we place on events is merely our own interpretation of the situation.
  7. Maintain mind control.  As Liz Gilbert so brilliantly said in “Eat, Pray and Love,” we need to choose our thoughts like we choose our clothes every day.  Master that and then you are onto something!
  8. Have faith.  Faith is a verb, not a noun.  If we always knew how every situation was going to turn out we would not need faith.  The known is knowledge; the unknown is faith.

Keep moving forward and lead your own parade.  Before you know it, others may be following YOU!

“As long as one keeps searching, the answers come.”
~Joan Baez, singer, songwriter and peace activist

Being my true self in the Scottsdale Starbucks,


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Endings and Beginnings

“I really don’t think life is about the “I could have beens.”  Life is only about the “I tried to do.”  I don’t mind the failure, but I can’t imagine that I’d forgive myself if I didn’t try.” ~Nikki Giovanni, poet

Well I did it.  I am officially a resident of the West coast and can proudly say I live in the Southwest.  The last two weeks have been a roller coaster of emotions and to say I am exhausted is an understatement!  From driving for 5 days last week across the country and experiencing the joy of seeing the beauty each town we passed through offered, to spending this entire week settling into my gorgeous house in Scottsdale, I feel like I have run a marathon.

We all hear that change is good and as I always say, change is the only constant we have in our lives.  When something major in our life changes, whether it is a move, a job change, a death, a child going off to school; whatever it is, we tend to find ourselves feeling a bit anxious.  That moment of panic hits you where you want to run back to your old life and the old ways of doing things but down deep you know you can’t…and then when you realize that, the panic gets worse!  But, it subsides, you settle into your new life and things become “normal” again.

The reality we experience is based on the perceptions we hold in our minds and those perceptions are under only one persons control…YOURS!  If we could learn one thing in this lifetime that would change the entire way we live and see our life it would be allowing change into our lives with no fear.  Fear is only what you choose to perceive.  Learning to let the past be the past and allowing the future to naturally unfold instead of trying to control every aspect of it is a gift once learned.  We need to experience endings in order for new beginnings to enter…how else would we move our lives forward?  Our life is about accumulating as many experiences as possible before we reach the end.  We take our consciousness and our feelings with us when we cross, not our bank account or our cars.  Instead of fearing change we need to fear uniformity.  Change means we are growing and our life is moving forward.  Staying the same is safe, yes, but you are not growing, loving, learning and tasting life!!!

Today, allow your life to flow.  Allow things to end whose time has come to end (you know what those things are in your gut) and let go of the path you have “created” and just flow for awhile.  See where life takes you.  Don’t be afraid.  God never leads you astray.

“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experiences.” ~Eleanor Roosevelt

Allowing for AZ new beginnings,

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Which Way Do I Go?

“What God chose for you to do is at the intersection where your greatest joy and the worlds greatest need meet.”
~Frederick Buechner (paraphrased)

Have you ever asked yourself the question, “why was I born?”  Not in the “I’m worthless so why I am here,” moments, but in the true “what is it I am supposed to do while I am here” moments?  We have all at least wondered that once in our lives.

I had a time in my life where I used to feel as if there was something I was supposed to do but I wasn’t’ doing it.  Almost as if I missed my calling.  It showed up and I somehow just let it pass by.

I used to hate that feeling.  I cried at night over it.  I used to pray for God to give me an answer as to what he wanted me to do with my life.  A friend told me once that God’s gift to us was life and our gift back to God was what we did with that life.  I felt as if I was failing God miserably.

He answered my prayer one day in the form of chronic ulcerative colitis.  For eight months I felt like I was in the military.  What God did to me in those eight miserable months where I almost lost my life was break me down and then build me back up…kind of like what they do at boot camp.  I soon realized I wasn’t missing my calling…it was calling me alright; I just didn’t have the self-worth and self-esteem to hear it.  We do not take care of what we do not value and I did not value myself at all…so not only was I a mess, but my life was a mess!

I realized as I reflected during those eight months (and I had a LOT of time to reflect) that every job I had over my life time lead me to my “path.”  From working at an ice cream shop at age 13 learning customer service and entrepreneurial skills to being a restaurant manager where I learned how to masterfully watch and manage people of many personalities.  Each one served a purpose.  When I was sick I realized that I could not go back to the job I had at the time as a corporate trainer and I also realized I had to change my beliefs, my thinking and my self-esteem level if I was going to do anything and continue living.  I did not feel I was good enough to deserve a good “job.”  How would I ever be good enough?  What I soon realized was how I was going to be good enough was to help others believe that THEY were good enough…helping others raise their self-esteem and feel worthy of a good life so they did not have to get sick like I did to realize THEY are God’s precious gift and deserve the best life ever!

Your path is undefined.  You create it by embracing every waking moment.  You have to decide what you want your life to look like and then take one step at a time to getting it.  If you want to lose weight, order a side salad instead of fries…that is one small step.  You cannot start your journey if you have one foot in the boat and one foot still on the shore… you will go nowhere.  Stop playing it safe and put both feet in the boat and let the ocean of life guide you.  Cherish every moment, every conversation, every breath you take and every feeling you feel.  Let those individual moments be your map to linking your joy to the needs of the world.

Be present.  It is called the “present” because it is truly a gift.  Put the fear aside and open your gift…you’ll never know what wonderful blessings are waiting for you until you do!

“There is no scarcity of opportunity to make a living at what you love; there’s only a scarcity of resolve to make it happen.” ~Wayne Dyer

Walking my path one step at a time,


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“The darkness hides the true size of fears and lies.  The truth is the fears are more shadow than reality, so they seem bigger in the dark.  When the light shines into the places inside of you where the fears reside, you start to see them for what they are…illusions.”
~ ”The Shack”

If I had 100 people sitting in front of me, all of them would have different fears.  Some would be afraid of the dark, some would be afraid of heights and some would be afraid of their own shadow.  The fears that we allow to reside within us come from our past experiences, most of which we had no conscious control over.  We have an experience and we perceive it in a specific way; each person being different.  Two people could have the exact same experience and come away with two completely different perceptions of what happened.

As we grow older and life happens, we are in control of whether we allow the fears within us to grow or disappear.  We have 2 choices:  we can either make our decisions based in fear or based on our dreams.  Most make their choices based in fear because they get trapped in the fear of choice and freedom.  They are afraid of uncertainty and play the “what if” game constantly in their minds, with the outcome always a negative one.  They are afraid of freedom because as much as we won’t admit it, we like rules and other people telling us what to do.  That way if it doesn’t work out, it’s not our fault…it is theirs and we again slip right by responsibility of our own choices.

I am going to be the thorn in your side today and tell you to STOP!!!  Look at the scenarios you have going through your minds and see them for what they are…STORIES that have been exaggerated and blown up by YOU!  Put on your big boy and big girl pants…it’s time to grow up!  Think for once about what you want in your life…what your dreams are and instead of making excuses…GO GET IT!  Forget the fear!  It is False Evidence Appearing Real…it is only as real as you make it in your mind.  Once you take action, the fear all of a sudden is not so large.

I had a coach once give me a wakeup call and say to me, “Chris, instead of waiting for your ship to come in and making excuse after excuse as to why you can’t, swim out to the damn ship and make it happen!”  Ok, so I didn’t speak to him for 3 days after that but I kiss the ground he walks on now because he kicked my butt to get me moving past my fears and excuses.

Make a list of 7 things you feel are impossible for you to accomplish.  I call it the “7 Impossible Things” exercise (you’ll see this in my new book coming out soon!).  For each “impossible” thing, list in one column how it CAN’T happen and then in the column next to it list how it CAN happen.  Brainstorm for ideas and allow yourself to go wild!  Don’t worry about the “how,” just list what comes to mind.  The details always work themselves out.

Then, pick one thing on your list and start to take action.  Do one thing daily that frightens you and you will soon see that your fears are nothing but a well thought out illusion created by the one and only you, that are keeping you from your dreams…and most importantly, keeping you from the life you were meant to live:  one of beauty, grace, abundance, serenity and joy.

Just do it!

All wet behind the ears as I swim out to my ship,


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Go for the Gold!!!!

Go for the Gold!!

“The recent energetic years have ushered you into the dark abysses and crevices of your fears and doubts. You cannot be allowed the pleasure of doubting. You cannot doubt your work, your thoughts and intentions, or your choices. Dispense with what keeps you less than. Dispense what keeps you from loving another. Dispense with what keeps another from loving you. Stop using the excuses of your past to keep you immobilized in the present.
~Quan Yin through Gillian Macbeth-Louthan.

ImageLife offers us a variety of experiences.  We have all had those “knife in the center of my heart” experiences that seem to leave us paralyzed to move forward again.  Experiences such as these are the most profound learning experiences we can ask for…the more pain, the more important the lesson.  The key is to release the experience (stop playing it over and over again in your mind), ask “what is it I am supposed to learn here?” take the lesson and move forward…one step at a time.  (I know…it is much easier said than done).

Sometimes experiences like these offer us an opportunity to look at our lives and “clean house,” so to speak.  I am a huge proponent of looking at your life as often as possible and asking yourself “what is working in my life and what isn’t working?”  This may include people, places you go or work, thought patterns, old habits, etc.  These old, heavy energies of what is NOT working keep you from living your dreams…living the life you were born in this lifetime to live!  We are feeling/energetic beings.  We can tell if someone is in a bad mood because we feel it; we can tell if our child is not right because we feel it; we can tell if something is about to happen because we can feel it.  We make decisions based on emotion, not logic.  Yes, we can use our logic in the decision making process but when you chose to change something in your life it is ALWAYS because how you FEEL about the person or the situation changed. 

The energies we are going to experience this week center around your “dream work,” allowing abundance into your life (in all forms) and living your truth without fear.  I have every single one of my clients do what I call a “Bucket List” or “Dream Inventory.”  This is a list of all of the things you want to do, have and accomplish while you are here.  Start a Bucket List this week and begin to dream again.  Put whatever comes to your mind on your list…no blocks or obstacles.  Pretend as if you could have anything you want and don’t worry about “how” it will happen…if it pops up, just write it down.  Let go of all of the old thoughts and experiences that tell you it “can’t” happen. Find the joy in your life!

Ironically, the crystal energies this week are that of Jade.  Jade is the “dream” crystal and is an amazing sleep stone if you have problems sleeping (put one under your pillow).  It is also the only stone in the 2008 Olympics they used in the medals besides the metals of gold, silver and bronze.  The jade in the medals symbolizes living your dream into realization…how cool is that!Image

Spend today dreaming again..don’t stop your dream mid-thought with “I can’t do that!”…just dream!  You may be surprised what happens next…

Living the dream,