The Road to Enlightenment

“One doesn’t grasp a great truth.  One opens to it hoping that one day it will drift past your ear and be caught in the net of your awareness, then sink into the soul where it will resonate with the vibrating strings of the heart.”  ~Rev. Angela Peregoff

As we begin our week, we have just passed a whammy New Moon/Solar Eclipse, which happened on Sunday, as well as the end of the Wesak, a festival celebration of enlightenment.  I find this very fitting because New Moon’s signify new beginnings or what you would like to manifest in your life.  A solar eclipse amplifies the affects of a new moon and this one being in Gemini was a very powerful!

This week, what is coming forth is a time of enlightenment, life purpose, physical healing, overcoming fear of change and healing any old wounds from “father figures” in our lives;  all of these represented by the crystal Green Tourmaline.
Every Monday you hear me mention a power crystal that can help align your vibration with the lessons for the week, but animals can do this as well.  Lately, my friends and I have noticed the many messages the Universe is sending us through animals:  whether they be crows, hawks, Robins, cats, etc.  The Snow Leopard is the one I am being guided to highlight here because her message is very powerful and she is very aligned with the crystal Green Tourmaline.

The Snow Leopard’s message is the power of silence.  Snow Leopards know the power of silence, mindfulness and paying attention.  They teach us to be silent, alert and ready when opportunity presents itself.  Since life purpose will be a big part of the lessons this week, you must pay attention to how you are using your energy as well as making time for silence so the messages the Universe is trying to get to you come through.  It is hard for many people to be silent.  It doesn’t just consist of you sitting cross legged, fingers touching and chanting.  It can be anything from taking 5 minutes a day to concentrate on deep breathing to doing something you absolutely get lost in because you love it so much.  The key is to do something that opens your channels and shuts your busy mind down for just a few minutes.  Be present!  Focus on the now.  Remember, where your attention goes, energy flows and that is always what manifests in your life.

The Snow Leopard also knows how to make use of every ounce of energy.  You have more than enough energy to effectively meet your goals and usually always respond well under pressure. However, try not to over commit yourself.  Pursue your work with all of your energy but, also take time to rest and play.  When you do go out on a limb make sure that you land on your Snow Leopard’s strong, broad feet and stay in alignment with your priorities.  This will prevent you from sinking into more obligations and commitments. (Italic segments quoted from

From now until tomorrow, take some time out for you to get in touch with what silences your mind.  Be open to what comes…even if it is pain.  If you want to allow the new in, you need to clear out the old.  It is like cleaning out
your closet…you need to look at each piece of clothing before you decide what you want to do with it.  Choose the clothes that make you feel good and get rid of the ones that make you cringe.

After all, you only ever look as good as you feel.  😉

Cleaning out her “closet” for her move to Arizona,



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