“Woo-Woo” Alert!

There is a time to do what you want to do and a time to do what you were meant to do.

Those of you who know me well know that I possess the gift of insight.  I can see, hear, intuit and feel things about people, places and situations.  I personally believe we all have these gifts and the more we use them, the more we trust them and when we trust them, they simply show up more.

Every morning I have a routine of meditating and spending at least 30 minutes of quiet time reflecting on my day ahead.  It is my way of “screwing my head on straight” before I embark on my day.  This morning I was hit with an intense sense of needing to share with all of you the insight I received for the rest of the week.  I received four different messages so I will relay them to you in four parts.  As you read, please remember to interpret the messages as they pertain to you and your situation.  Only you know what is best for you…no one else.

Coming to a Close

Something of extreme significance is coming to a close.  Whether it is a project you have been working on, a relationship you have been in for awhile or a decision you have been battling with to make…something is ending.  With every ending is a new beginning and you should feel wonderful about what you have accomplished thus far.  Because of all of the hard work you have put in and how far you have come, rewards and recognition are imminent and a golden opportunity awaits you as you begin your new journey.

What is Real?

You are witnessing a tremendous amount of change happening in your life and these changes are happening very, very rapidly.  Something is making you feel as if you are trapped and a very strong message comes through in letting you know that the entrapment feelings are not based in reality – it is an illusion.  There is a truth that needs to be faced in order to release the illusion and see the truth and it has to do with YOU.  Take off the “mask” you are wearing due to fear and take responsibility for what you need to take responsibility for.  Fess up!  The energies will bring it up on their own if you do not and it is always more painful when it has to happen not by our own choice.  The focuses you have currently around material things (such as money) are only to fill a deep craving you have for inner peace and to fill an emotional void.

You are Ready!

Whatever it is that is changing around you or coming to a close is frightening to you because you feel you are not ready for what is to come next…but you are!  You are moving onto something new (a new house, a new relationship, a new job, realizing a dream, etc.) and have grown spiritually throughout the process which will serve you going forward.  Feelings of gratitude, optimism and joy are of paramount importance right now in order for you to welcome the clarity that will be entering regarding why this is all occurring as it is.  Allow yourself to sit in gratitude for all that has occurred and what you have learned and allow the peace and contentment swirling around you to come in (and know you are worthy of feeling that way!).

Make a Decision

You are going to need to make a pretty big decision regarding something of extreme importance to you and please be aware of “hidden agendas.”  In order to see the decision clearly, you will need to make sure you “clean house.”  Remove anybody or anything from your life that you feel does not serve your highest good, release all judgments about people and why things happen as they do and use humor to lighten up the situation (it is always a good practice to not take yourself too seriously).  You may notice things “stall” around you temporarily to give you time to make this decision.  Slow down, listen to your heart and choose wisely.

Go for it! 😉


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