Seek Only Truth

That which you seek is within yourself.  Teach by example that which you are inclined to share.  For your actions speak far more clearly than any theory you may feel inspired to impart.
~Rasha, “Oneness”

I always found truth to be an interesting word.  It seems to mean different things to different people.  Our truth center lies above our eyes in what is energetically called the “third eye.”  Many who seek the truth, not so much about others but about themselves, find that this energy center (their head) tends to be a bit sore as of late.  I have found in life that we can only go so long “playing the game of life.”  Just when we think we have found the trick to life the truth finds us.  What truth you ask?  The truth about who you really are and why you are here.

Since we have been talking about energy centers and chakras all week, let me finish up our discussion to shed some light on this whole idea of the truth that we are seeking…

Your fifth chakra is located in the middle of your throat and has an energetic theme around “surrendering personal will to the Divine will.”  This is our center of personal power and where we make our choices.  Click here to learn more about the throat chakra.  Every single illness has a center here because choice is involved in every detail of our lives…including illness.  This is where you learn the nature of the power of choice, strength of will, personal expression and using your personal power to create what you want in the world.  Have you been having a raspy or sore throat, mouth ulcers, gum difficulties, laryngitis, swollen glands, thyroid issues, stiff neck, colds, hearing problems or nose issues?  Look to the choices you have made lately…are they serving your highest good?

Your sixth chakra is your “third eye” located in the middle of your forehead.  Click here to learn more about the third eye chakra.  This is your center of truth.  In life, whether we know it or not, we are on a continual search for truth vs. illusion.  This is the energetic area that helps us define our true self-image…that we were made in the likeness of God and God lives within us.  Truth or illusion?  You decide.  The freedom to define God as you choose is your God-given birthright.  There is no one that knows better than you what that is.  What is the most gratifying path for you?  That is your truth.  An imbalance in this energy center shows itself via problems with the head, eyes, ears, nervous system, brain and even nightmares.  We learn our truth through life lessons.  Allow yourself to experience life…detach from the experience and see the truth that is happening underneath everything in your life.  It is there…I promise.

The last chakra is located at the very top of your head and is called your crown chakra.  Click here to learn more about the crown chakra.  This is the area I like to call your “prayer center.”  We receive information and the answers to our prayers through this energy center.  The sun even acts as an information source for us believe it or not.  The top of your head is a very sacred space.  Did you ever wonder why the bones in this area take so much longer to close on an infant?  I am sure there are scientific, physical reasons but I choose to believe it is because the longer this area stays open, the longer that infant is connected to God.  This energy center is focused on “living in present time.”  Our entire life is about building our relationship with God to one where we can go about our physical lives as a Divine being…constantly connected to our source…God.  Have you ever had a life threatening illness or a “wake up call?”  That is a perfect example of this chakra trying to get your attention.  How would you define your relationship with God right now?  Is he your “bud” or a distant stranger?

When you finally drop your guard and begin to believe the truth, that there is a Divine plan for your life, fear disappears and your life purpose suddenly presents itself.  The truth has been there for you all along…you just have been blind to it.

In your darkest hour, can you believe there is a higher presence guiding your life?  What is your truth?

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