If you always listen to the advice of others and ignore yourself, you will be living their life, not yours.“  ~Chris Sopa

Change is scary.  We are not scared of the change itself, we are scared of the unknown around the change.  For some reason we seem to think that if we can figure out the how that we will be guaranteed a successful outcome.  Hmmm…I can think of several things that happened to me in my life where I had all of the details controlled and it still did not work out the way I would have liked.  “Knowing” does not necessarily constitute success.

I am an N.C.I.S. junkie…I’ll admit it.  It is nothing for me to sit and watch five or six episodes in a row.  If you find yourself at a crossroads, feeling the need to make a major life change, follow my N.C.I.S. rules:

N = Nurture (Rule #12) – Spend some time nurturing yourself – some quiet time, where you can really sit and not just think, but feel what is coming up for you.  How do you feel when you think of the change you want to make?  There is a difference between fear of the unknown and fear because something is not good for you.  You know the difference.

C = Consciousness (Rule #18)  - Self-awareness, or in other words,  consciousness around yourself, your habits, your patterns of behavior, etc. is the number one key to making any changes in your life.  You must be aware of yourself enough to be able to read what your physical, emotional and spiritual bodies are trying to tell you.

I = Intuition (Rule #40) – Intuition is not just a gift for the “gifted,” it is something we all have.  Those gut feelings that guide you in the right direction every time is the physical manifestation of guidance from above.  Practice trusting your gut.  It leads you in the right direction every time and the more you trust it, the more information it gives you.

S = Sacredness (Rule #25) – The term sacred does not necessarily have to mean something religious.  Something is sacred if you make it sacred.  Washing the dishes can be sacred if you say so.  Make your life a sacred journey.  Is what you are doing right now something that brings you joy?  Would you consider it sacred?  If not, maybe it’s time for a change?

Regardless of what you choose, you will never go wrong at the end of the day if the choice is yours.  Whether it works out or not, it ends up how it was meant to be.  The Universe is a kind place.  Nothing happens that is not meant for the ultimate good.

Think and feel for yourself…in the end, all that matters is you lived the life YOU chose to live.

Following Rule #1,


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