A Song Sung a Million Times

Have you ever heard a song on the radio in the morning and then that song got stuck in your head ALL DAY LONG!  That happened to me recently and it was one of those annoying songs!

Our brains work in very mysterious ways.  We see and hear things throughout the day and somehow they get stuck in our heads in a way that seems beyond our control.  I find how the brain works fascinating and spend a lot of time dissecting how and why we think and act the way we do (I drive my coaching clients and friends nuts!).  To make it simple, we have 2 parts of our brain; our conscious brain and our subconscious brain.  Our conscious brain is our filter.  That is the first place information we get from our environment hits and we have a choice of whether to accept it or reject it.  That information then filters to our subconscious brain which can only accept the information it is given.  It assumes that what you CHOSE in your conscious brain is your truth.  It cannot tell the difference between positive and negative, good or bad, or what you want or don’t want.  It just accepts.  The information then gets processed in your subconscious brain exactly how it was programmed (so if you had an experience at 5 years old, it processed the information as a 5 year old would) and expresses that information through your behaviors.  Simple!

Here is the rub…your conscious brain isn’t fully developed until you are about 7 years old.  What does that mean?  It means that anything you experienced before you were 7 did not get filtered by you; it went directly to your subconscious brain how it happened.  This is called “conditioning.”  This is why you have behaviors that drive you nuts and you say to yourself, “Why the heck do I keep doing that!”  Depending on your upbringing and the types of experiences you had, this could be good or bad because 90% + of our behaviors are run by our SUBCONSIOUS MINDS!!!  If you had mostly good experiences, you are set; if you had mostly bad experiences, oh boy!

So how do you break those patterns that were programmed that are not serving you now?  First, become aware!  Aware of your behaviors, what you are thinking when you choose a behavior and most of all HOW YOU FEEL!  Your feelings are your guidepost.  If you feel “good,” your behavior is more than likely in alignment with truth.  And let me clarify here…by good I mean it makes you feel good from a deep part within you…not good because you just lied or cheated to get something you felt you needed and now your needs are met.  It is not a “my needs are met” good; it is a “I did the right thing” good.  Got it?  Next, once you are aware of a behavior that has not been serving you, take RESPONSIBILITY for your actions and reactions to life.  This is where most people get stuck.  The big “R” word!  Many people run what I call “victim consciousness” and blame everyone they can find and every past experience for who they are and how they behave.  YOU are the only one responsible for your life.  No matter what your past experiences you always have a chance to choose differently.  It is only up to you…no one else!  Lastly, CHOOSE a different behavior.  This takes time.  You end up in what I call “the void” for awhile as you play with different behaviors to replace your old one that suit you now.  Keep trying and keep choosing.  Find the one that makes you feel best and gives you the results you are looking for.  Make sure your behaviors do not just benefit you but do good for all involved.

We all have past experiences that haunt us but learn to feel the feelings of the experience, release them, and then let the experience go but keep the lesson.  Don’t drag everything that has ever happened to you in your whole life with you around all of the time.  That is exhausting.  Leave yourself open to new experiences, new emotions and ne
w choices.

Life is waiting for you and it has beautiful gifts to give…if you let it.  😉

Forever growing, loving and learning,


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