Are You A Master?

Things happen to us in our lives.  People hurt us, we are disappointed, things don’t go as we expected.  This was not the life we signed up for…or is it?

I believe that we signed up for exactly the life we are living.  I know what you are thinking…”Sopa, have you gone mad!  Why would I sign up for this?”  If you are experiencing suffering, sorrow or pain at the moment, ask yourself this question:  Who would I be if this experience never happened to me?  Would you have the same people in your life?  Would you have taken the steps you did for growth without that experience?

Yes, things happen in our lives that hurt.  But nothing that has happened to you has been meant to break you or reduce you to something less than who you are.  Whatever has happened to you has happened to make you into who you are!

Do not allow experiences or people to take away your power.  You may have physically mastered this life but being able to hold on to your power means that you have mentally, emotionally and spiritually mastered your life.  Have you?

Being a Master entails being self-aware at all times.  Not being afraid to ask questions such as, What is really going on here?  What is the Universe (God) trying to show me?  What is the lesson underneath all of this?  No matter how painful the experience is at this time.  Sometimes what we see is not so pretty.  When something has been hiding in the dark for a time, it tends to be pretty rancid and smelly.  Maybe it’s time for a shower?  A shower not of water but of compassion, understanding and love…love for yourself.  Understanding that you did the best you could in each moment of your life based on where and who you were at that time.  Have compassion for yourself instead of being so hard on yourself day in and day out.  We fear crucifixion by others but the one we should truly fear is ourselves.  We are the ones that create our own hell or heaven.  We create our reality daily by where we choose to put our attention.  Where is your attention today?  Is it on what you have lost or is it on what you are grateful for that is still in your life?  Are you breathing today?  That is one huge reason to be grateful.  Put your head and reason aside and learn to use your heart and what I like to call, your “hidden senses.”

Reason knows when to step aside, the way the sense of smell is uninvolved when reading a book…like a telescope that cannot take us to the stars but that lets us know the stars are there.  Reason points us to what lies beyond itself.“  ~L. Pascal

There is something beyond what we see and what we currently think of as “real.”  Our five senses do not give us the whole picture…only a portion of it.  You cannot see electricity but you know it exists because you use it every day.  Just because you can no longer see and physically feel a loved one, why do you assume they are no longer there?  Practice using your senses of intuition and feeling.  Trust them.  Those senses are more “real” than the ones in your physical world.  No one can change them, alter them or hurt them.  They exist in your heart and you are the one that gets to determine how “real” what you experience really is.  No one else.

Be your own Master and create the world you want to experience.

Masterfully yours,


Chris Sopa is founder and owner of Chris Sopa International, Inc. You can learn more about her at Find her at, Twitter @ChrisSopa, LinkedIn, and .


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