50 Things Women Should Know About Men

“Love doesn’t make the world go ’round.  Love is what makes the ride worthwhile.”  ~ Franklin P. Jones

 A huge kudos to all the men out there (especially my “anonymous” male friend who supplied many of these)!!  I got more than 50 things and had to choose the best ones!  Thank you to all the ladies who contributed as well via email and Facebook but this one was for the guys.   I did save your responses to possibly use in a later post or my book.

As you read this list, please remember everybody is different.  This is not the “end all be all” list.  Know who you are and what you want and believe your man or woman is out there waiting to be your everything!

  1. We never want to know as much about anything as you want to explain.
  2. What you see is what you get.
  3. Just like there is a heart of a little girl in every woman, there is a little boy in every man.  No matter how tough we seem to be.  Treat us with respect and we will treat you with respect.
  4. Just a random kiss will do.
  5. Just because a guy is gay, does not make them your new best friend.
  6. Peeing with the door open, no matter how cute you are, is a turnoff.
  7. Granny panties are never acceptable.
  8. Yes, a loss by our favorite football team may cause a week long bad mood.
  9. A woman, who watches Sports Center and can discuss sports with us, when the time is right, is irresistible.
  10. No, it really doesn’t take us 30 minutes or longer to go #2, that is our quiet time, to read, reflect or just enjoy peace and quiet.
  11. Yes, when we are in public we check out an attractive lady, but it is because she is attractive and worthy of a look.  It doesn’t mean we want to trade you in for her.
  12. When sitting in silence and you ask us what we are thinking about, if we say nothing, we really mean we are thinking about nothing.  It is possible.
  13. Seeing you in our clothes, even if it’s an old t-shirt, makes us feel closer to you.
  14. Yes, we have a fear of saying “I love you” which may or may not be attributed to a fear of commitment; it may be a fear of another broken heart.
  15. We like to cook for you.
  16. Making you laugh makes our day.
  17. In the middle of a long work day, a sexy text message or photo can make all the difference.
  18. We want to make you happy; we might not always have the best resources to make that happen.  Tell us what you like; hints don’t always work.
  19. Some guys lack the confidence to approach attractive women.  It’s ok for you to be assertive and make the first move.
  20. When we go out, we don’t want you to pay for anything.
  21. Chivalry is not dead.
  22. Make-up sex is awesome.  We may start a fight just to have the follow up intercourse.
  23. Much like on the elementary school playground, when we tease and make fun of you, it’s because we like you.  It doesn’t make the teasing right; we just have a difficult time expressing ourselves.
  24. Hot girls are pretty on the outside; beautiful women are gorgeous inside and out.
  25. Although your figure may initially catch our eye, what’s inside will keep our attention.
  26. Size matters to us.  We all feel “short-changed” down there.
  27. Eye contact is a big turn on.
  28. When we shower with you, in order to “save time,” we always want sex.
  29. When we are hungry, we are crabby.  It’s best to stay away.
  30. We think about you more than you will ever know.
  31. We feel vulnerability too, but sometimes feel the need to put up a protective shield to hide our true emotions.
  32. When you try on a new outfit and ask us how it looks, prepare to hear the truth, because we will tell it.
  33. Going clothes shopping with you is akin to having a root canal.  There is something better we’d rather be doing but we do it anyways.
  34. Well manicured hands and toes are an indication that you take care of yourself.
  35. We love to give massages; even rubbing your hands and feet.
  36. Worrying about finances (providing for our family) can be the greatest cause of a man’s stress.
  37. We watch “chick flicks” to feel closer to you.
  38. Playboy actually does have good articles.
  39. Knowing you shopped at Victoria’s Secret riddles us with anticipation.
  40. Texting during a night out or a meaningful conversation hurts our feelings.
  41. Don’t answer your cell phone, check or write text messages when you are on a date with us.  Turn your phone off in front of us to know we have your full attention.
  42. We feel it is not masculine to share our feelings.
  43. We are likely to snap if you talk over our favorite song playing in the car.
  44. We all have our own individual stress reliefs (running, cutting grass, going for a long drive, etc.).  Participating in these activities allows us to internalize and resolve the problem or at least come to grips with it.
  45. It takes a lot of trust to see the best in us.
  46. You are the most intriguing, challenging, beautiful, intimidating and wondrous creatures the world has ever known.
  47. We hate the fact that you have broken our hearts but come back for more.
  48. We prefer to see you in your natural state sweating after the gym.  There is something animalistic about it.
  49. When we are watching a game and our team is lousy, we don’t care to hear your opinion on play selection, uniform color and “why did they just run the ball up the middle where everybody is?”  At that point, it is best to keep quiet.
  50. We are also insecure about their bodies.  We know when there is too much of a spare tire.  However, it doesn’t prevent us from flexing in the mirror any chance we get.

We were given:  Two hands to hold; Two legs to walk; Two eyes to see; Two ears to listen. But why only one heart?  Because the other one was given to someone else for us to find.”  ~Annonymous

Grateful to all the men out there,


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