Bless the (Wo)Man Who Invented the GPS!

For the next few days, you will have the distinct pleasure of being inspired by my 4 day trek across country to my new home in Scottsdale, AZ.  My bucket list buddy Donna and I are traveling in my lovely Chevy Cruze, affectionately named “Miguel,” trying to find things such as the “biggest ball of twine” on our way.  We are currently traveling through Pittsburgh, PA on our way to our next stop (11 hours from now) in St. Louis, MO.

Over the years, I have done quite a few road trips with friends and on my own.  I used to print out my maps ahead of time and have everything planned out before I left for my long journey.  As I have become the “experienced road warrior” I have found the beauty in getting “lost.”  Even though I now have a GPS, which I couldn’t live without, even the GPS “gets lost” at times.

For instance, when Donna and I arrived in Pittsburgh yesterday there was construction EVERYWHERE!  Our GPS, which we have come to rely on, went crazy because every time it tried to take us down a road, we ran into a detour or road block.  We eventually made it to our hotel, laughing hysterically that it took us an hour to travel 4 miles!

As in life, we need to have a guide, whether in the form of a map, a GPS or goals we set.  That map gives us an overall context of where we are going…the big picture (your vision), so to speak.  But once the journey begins, in order to experience the beauty of the journey, you must be open and flexible to how the journey presents itself.  The visions you have are the glasses you wear when you make the decisions you need to make on your journey.  But, the path that leads you to the vision is still an “unknown.”  And every once and a while, as you walk your path, your vision may change.  Be open to that change.  Remember, God has better seats than we do.  He can see a lot more from his vantage point than we can from ours.  Trust his path more than your own.

Allow yourself to be fully present, don’t be afraid to venture into new lands and allow the Universe to unfold itself to you.  Those “unknowns” we tend to be so afraid of are almost always where the miracles lie.  The paths that were not “in the plan” are usually the ones that lead us best to our vision.  Your only job is to be open, have unrelenting faith and be courageous enough to just take one more step.

One does not discover new lands without consenting to lose sight of the shore for a very long time.” ~Andre Gide

Following the detour signs,


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