My 2012 Lessons

Our lives are a creation process.  We create our life choice by choice.  The lives we each are living are a “school” of sorts.  We make a choice, have an expereince and then learn something, either from that experience or from the person involved in that experience with us.

Here is what I learned in 2012:

*  A stranger can change your life for the good.
*  You cannot trust everyone…some people simply do not have good intentions.
*  Always, always, always trust your gut!
*  Not everyone you meet is meant to stay in your life forever.  As the saying goes, people come into your life for a reason or a season…very rarely a lifetime.
*  I will never do a liver flush again in my life!
*  The syncronistic events in our lives remind us that we are not alone and always watched over.
*  When I get out of my own way, my life happens beautifully all on its own.
*  Family is everything!
*  Never lose hope that someone will make a different choice and change their life for the better.
*  People sometimes disappoint you.  The key is to never disappoint yourself.
*  Not everyone agrees with the choices you make –  they don’t have to.
*  Do not move to Arizona in July when it is 112 degrees!
*  Never give up on your dreams…they do come true if you hang in there.
*  Everything, and I mean everything, happens for a reason.  Trust God knows what he is doing.
*  No matter how much you care, some people just don’t care back.
*  It’s never too late to get your PhD.
*  You cannot control everything, no matter how hard you try.
*  We miss a lot of moments in our lives by not being present.
*  No matter how bad your heart is broken, the sun still comes out tomorrow.
*  I am loved.

Have a blessed and abundant 2013.




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