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Flippin’ Fun

(Tina Here!)

Well we slept through breakfast because we were so exhausted from the last two days.  We met up with Zali for the Opening Day of the Congress before Chris had to give her Keynote.  The Keynote was extremely well received by all 300 participants – Chris had a mile long line of people wanting to thank her, ask her opinion on various matters, and one gentleman even invited her to possibly speak in the UK next September. (You know where I’ll be next September! “The Chris-Tina Road Show”) 

Chris' keynote-yes, she actually worked!

We were invited to attend the evening “Mixer” which was an Irish Pub Evening.  They served “Pub Food” (Chris was relieved there was no Ox-Tail!) and, you guessed it… wait for it… BEER!  We each started the evening off with a Guiness Stout and ended with a gallon of water!

"I swear, this is the last one!"

We sat at the “Celebrity Table” with two South African celebrities: Helen DeBois a Singer who has written a theme song for SANBS that will be released next year, and Marisa Bosman who stars in a “Soapy” (“Sopa” Opera) called ISIDINGO.

"The Celebrities"-Tina, Marisa, Helen, Chris

We were treated to a Singing Competition by each of the Blood Center Regional Groups.  They had to come up with a blood donation related theme song and sing in the competition.  We had “The Blood Clots”, The Twilights who dressed like vampires, and there was even a group that did an Abba medley and they named themselves the ABBO’s (get it – blood types!)

"The Blood Clots" singing their song - THEY WON!

After dinner we danced our Arses off to the Blarney Bros. Band.  They played Irish tunes, American tunes, and we even did the African Hokey Pokey (sorry Genevieve, no Polka’s!).  We were amazed at how many people got up and sang and danced the entire night.  There is an incredible love of life that is palpable here – no one can resist the urge to celebrate and dance.  Talk about living in the present time!

The Blarney Brothers Band

How white girls dance...

 Ohhhh, the humility…..

Dr. Sam (a general surgeon) A.K.A. "Bob Marley", Tina & Chris boogying down!

So tomorrow we are off to Cape Town and everyone has said such great things about it soooooo we are soooooo excited!

Until Tomorrow, Chris-Tina 🙂


  • November 17, 2009

    ‘Getting Down”was cool,you are great dancers,we made sure that we captured the moment!! It was good to have you guys around! Will miss you…………….. Aah

  • November 17, 2009

    Remember the Seinfeld episode with Elaine dancing?? Similar.
    Glad you’re having such a great time – you deserve this!!

  • November 17, 2009

    OMGosh!! I can’t believe the amazing experience you two are having!! Tina, I’m overwhelmed by the amazing opportunities to learn and love that you have in your life – you manifested this, didn’t you??!! Chris, thanks for taking care of my sis, what you guys are doing, that’s all you take with you!!!!! Keep being safe and laughing and loving and learning, and keep the pictures coming!!! What a gift! Love to you both!

    The little sister


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