2010 Volumes of “The Empowered You”:

March 2011
Why Me?
“There’s a Hole in my Sidewalk”

February 2011
Workshop: Your Relationships are Only As Healthy As YOU Are
Living the Fearless Life: Coming Soon!

January 2011
“I Believe…”
Coaching Offer
Upcoming Workshop: Your Relationships are Only as Good as YOU Are!

May 2010
“I See You”
Executive and Personal Coaching
Upcoming Events
Journey West Blog

February 2010
Living from theHeart
Crystal Recommendations
Journey to Peru 2010
Executive and Personal Coaching

2009 Volumes of “The Empowered You”:

August 2009
Finding Your Path of Service
Crystal Recommendations
Book Recommendations
New Workshops

2009 Volumes of “Working Well “:

June 2009
Peru – Rescheduled!!
Healing Through Emotions
Corporate/Personal Coaching

March 2009
Inspirations of Hope
Faith – Where Has It Gone?
Peru – September 2009
The “Real” Seven Wonders of the World
Company Spotlight: Inner Journey Coaching

2008 Volumes of “Working Well”:

October 2008
Got Hope? – The Meaning of Hope
A Nudge of Hope
My Meaning of Hope
See Chris at one of these Live Events

September 2008
Healthy Living Expo
Some People
Letting Go
Learning to Let Go

July 2008
Selling from the Inside Out
Mastering Your Mind to be a Top Performer
Mexico: January 31st – February 9, 2009

March 2008
A New Earth
Mastering Your Mind to be a Top Performer
Mexico: June 8 – 17th – DATE CHANGE!

February 2008
The Four Agreements
The Four Agreements in Action
CSI Journeys: Mexico 2008

January 2008
How to Enjoy Your Hot Chocolate
What Will You Choose?
Start your year off right and get a coach NOW!!

2007 Volumes of “Working Well”:

November 2007
The Power of Gratitude
Be Thankful
Start your year off right and set your goals NOW!

October 2007
I Believe
Lessons From Peru
Need a Speaker?

August 2007
How Do You Define Yourself?
Keep Your Beliefs Positive
Guess What?

July 2007
Ever Wonder?
My Top 3 Greatest Insights
Guess What?

March 2007
The Warrior Within
Be Like the Bumblebee
New News at Chris Sopa International, Inc.

January 2007
The Invitation
Heed the Call
New News at Chris Sopa International, Inc.

2006 Volumes of “Working Well”:

November 2006
Who Are You?
What Masks Do You Wear?
Helpful Tips

September 2006
Living In Present Time
Day to Day

June 2006
Benefits of Sleep and Relaxation

May 2006
Facing the Challenge
To Help You Along the Way

The successful person has the habit of doing the things failures don’t
like to do. They don’t like doing them either, but their disliking is
subordinated to the strength of their purpose.”

-E.M. Gray

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