clock May 20, 2010
author Chris Sopa

Parting is such sweet sorrow…

It is always such a sweet sadness for me to spend my last day on one of my incredible journeys.  I am so grateful for my life and what I have chosen to experience!

Today I had the pleasure of facilitating a 3 ½ hour workshop on “Coaching Through Challenging Times” for a small group here at the ADRP Conference.  ADRP (Association of Donor Recruitment Professionals) draws attendee’s from all over the world from Nigeria to New Zealand and always does a phenomenal job in educating their members.  I have had the honor of presenting at their last 2 conferences – the last one being only 4 days after I had an emergency appendectomy and had 3 areas of sutures in my belly!  But, I made it to St. Pete Beach, Florida to do a 2-day workshop and a keynote for a few hundred people.

Today’s workshop

I love the people here because they are so gracious and loving!  So many people remembered me from last year and a few actually asked for my autograph (a weird feeling) because they consider me a “celebrity” to them!   I am so honored!

Ross…a “fan”

Being the last day of my journey, I thought I would reflect on some of the things I have learned while I have been traveling West the last 2 weeks:

  • There is NOTHING like good friends!  Being able to see so many friends from afar I have not seen in awhile as well as having the pleasure of seeing all of the comments, emails and posts on FB to my blog over the last week has been priceless to me!  So worth every bit of effort that goes into writing about my journey!

A group of friends from last years conference workshop

  • As many of you know, I am currently writing (and almost finished!) with my book called, “A Fearless Life.”  Before I left for my solo adventure, many people told me to be careful and asked if I was afraid to travel alone.  Well, the truth is…yes, I usually am a bit of afraid.  Not to be alone, but it is always a little scary when you embark on something you have never done before.  Letting the fear stop us from experiencing life is the true tragedy.  Fear is simply “False Evidence Appearing Real” and is an illusion that keeps us from being who we were meant to be.  NEVER EVER let anything or anyone stop you from doing something you love!
  • Being in the present moment as much as you can is a “present” all in itself!  There is nothing like experiencing the opportunities and synchronicities that show themselves when you are truly in the moment and “being there” for your life.
  • Nature is a true balancer.  It has the ability to take away the pain, the sorrow, the stress and the worry by just taking in a deep breath and appreciating all she has to offer.  By watching her rhythms, you get a clue into the rhythms of your own life and somehow leave with the feeling that everything is going to be ok.  That is just how it is. Life is about balance…everything that happens is to preserve that balance so we all “have a turn.”
  • Trusting your intuition and your body is the key to knowing and honoring yourself.  There were times on every mountain I was climbing where I had to trust my body to know what to do and trust my intuition to know where to go.  Imagine if we did this daily…mountain or not?  If we trusted ourselves to know what was best for us?  The potential we could tap into!!!
  • Every day we have a choice to choose our attitude.  I woke up some mornings tired, not wanting to hike or drive hundreds of miles, but I did it anyway and chose to make the best of what I had been offered that day.  When we do this, we chose to LIVE!  We chose to be our best no matter what the circumstances.  That is what life is really about…choice!  We create our lives as we go along.  Make it the best life you can while you are here!!
  • Finally, you don’t have to get in your car and drive hundreds of miles away to have an experience that changes your life.  Every day, in your own backyard, are experiences to enrich your life, learn from and have the opportunity to meet someone new who can help you grow, learn and appreciate all life has to offer.  All you have to do is look…see what is right in front of your eyes.  What you have been looking for has been there all along.

So, now I sadly say good-bye.   My Journey West has been an experience I will never, ever forget.  I have met wonderful people, spent quality time with myself learning more about what I need to grow further, spent time appreciating the beautiful country we live in and most of all learned valuable lessons that I can now share with the thousands of people I chose to inspire every day.

Me and my good friend Zali saying goodbye…

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to follow me on this journey.  Stay tuned….August 4-10 is ALASKA!!!

With much gratitude, light and love,