clock May 13, 2010
author Chris Sopa

Next Service 83 Miles…..


This is seriously the sign I saw in the middle of nowhere! (courtesy of The Border Inn website)



Hi.  My name is Chris.  It has been 2 days since I have had technology.

~ Baker, Nevada….population = 125 people

~Border Inn Motel …..Sits directly on the border of Utah and Nevada.  The only road leading into this area from Utah to Nevada is Hwy 50/6 which Life magazine described as the “Loneliest Road in America” in 1986. The only place to stay and get gas, food and water for miles.  No other cars around for miles.  Mouse traps in the room.  No cell phone service.  No internet connection.  No T.V.  No hairdryer (loud scream of NOOOO!).  Camera is not working.  Door to room barely closes but it doesn’t matter because there is no one around for miles.

~ I found Jesus’ sandals as I went for a walk earlier because this is SURELY the place where he lost them!

~As you drive into Baker you see the following signs:
Death Canyon
Cattle Crossing
U Dig Fossils
Gold Mining
Beware of Falling Rock
No Water
Blind Valley
Watch for rocks next 10 miles on roadway
Elevation 7,720 feet
Salt wash ahead  (what the heck is a “salt wash” and what is it for????)

I have entered the Twilight Zone! 

When I left Moab at 7:00am this morning I was a bit melancholy.  Such a beautiful place with such pure energy and I so wish I had more time to spend here discovering and exploring.  I will most definitely be back here to do some back country camping soon!

I had a fairly uneventful 5 hour drive to Death Valley…I mean Baker, Nevada.  Kia had a hard time getting up the hills (at one point I swore I was going to have to get out and push her…thank God I am so “fit” after my hike on Syncline Loop!) so I kept sending her white light and energy as I drove.  The medley of songs I chose to sing on this leg of my journey included “Macho Man,” “No Woman, No Cry,” “It’s Raining Men,” and “Low” by Flor-ida.  I had a mixture of sun, rain, snow flurries and 6 oversized vehicles which I had to pass with what I swear looked like missiles on them!  What were they and WHERE THE HECK WERE THEY GOING….this is the middle of no-where!!!  (or as Wayne Dyer says, “now- here.” – I will come back to this later!)  Ironically, when it started to rain heavy, I found myself getting a bit annoyed and immediately on my iPod began the song “It’s in the Rain” by Enya, which of course talks about listening to the rain and enjoying its beauty.  Thank you Providence for the reminder!

When I finally arrived at the Border Inn, I checked in and immediately went to Great Basin National Park.  The sky was filled with very ominous looking black clouds and I had a weird feeling about hiking so I honored that and took the tour of Lehman Caves instead.  Did you know there are over 40,000 caves in the U.S. – 15,000 of them in the Tennessee and Kentucky area alone!  The caves were breath-taking (get a pic from Lehman Caves or Great Basin website) and I could not help but notice a very angelic and peaceful feeling while I was in the caves.  Our ranger was a hoot!  He asked us all “what the heck we were doing in Baker!?”  He said he was driving through here last October and his car broke down and he is still waiting for the parts!  Lol!

Lehman caves (courtesy of the Lehman caves website)

When I travel alone, as I often do, I make sure I do 2 things.  One, stay in the present moment and two, stay in a state of joy and awe.  When I do this, I find that many synchronistic events happen that make my journey more enjoyable than if I would have planned it myself.  I also look at the events that happen from a symbolic point of view rather than a literal point of view.  For instance, my camera memory card somehow got corrupted and I could not take any pictures today at all.  I get to Baker and have no cell phone service, no internet connection, no T.V., no hairdryer, etc.  Don’t you find it ironic that I am in one of the most secluded places in the U.S. and all of the things that keep me “connected” to the outside world stop working?  I did.  Literally, my camera broke and I have no connection to anything or anyone beyond this place.  Symbolically, maybe I am supposed to slow down, stop and listen to the beauty around me, honor the seclusion and silence and trust that all happens for a reason (even my camera not working).  I CHOSE to honor this gift I have been given rather than being annoyed that things aren’t “how I want them to be.”  The world will still be there when I get back.

As I drove into Baker and began to experience the seclusion, I asked myself, “Why was I supposed to stop here along this leg of my journey?”  I chose to believe it was for health, healing and clearing of old energies I no longer needed.  Something I am supposed to experience because I chose to be present…”now- here.”  Listen to the “clues” in your life.  Trust your gut and intuitions.  Know you are safe and protected where ever you go and that we are always “connected” to each other ~ we cannot help it….we are one.

Now, I am going to check out the beautiful night sky which “ironically” cleared up so I could see the stars!