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Potholepoint – Canyonlands NP, Moab, Utah

Hi everyone!

I wanted to give you all a heads up on a trip I will be taking May 9th.  I will be flying into Grand Junction, Colorado, renting a car and then driving (taking my time, of course) west to Seattle, WA where I will end up on May 17th to do a speaking presentation.

The purpose of this trip is to do some long-overdue hiking and sightseeing in the beautiful west of the United States.  I will be visiting Canyonlands National Park, Great Basin National Park, Mount Shasta and Seattle, with many impromptu stops along the way (I hope!).

I will be blogging the entire trip (with photos) as I travel west.  The saddest part is that I don’t have my travel companion Tina with me this time but she knows she is with me in my heart.  🙂

I hope you will all take the time to follow me on my journey of discovery!

Much light and love,



  • May 3, 2010

    Chris, I can’t wait to follow every step you make on your Journey West!

    You know you will miss our gut wrenching laughter (every 5 minutes!) as well as all the insight digging we do over coffee!

    I am with you in spirit. Thanks for continuing to share your Journey’s with us. Love Ya, Tina

  • May 10, 2010

    Chris, I’m so excited for you. Thanks so much for the beautiful Utah! photos.
    I do have to confess that I’m mildly concerned for your safety when I think about you taking pictures of yourself while doing 90 on the highways! Not to mention the possibility of you singing “Rawhide” while doing so! SCARY!!
    Missed you at Quarterly!
    Love, Marcia

  • May 14, 2010

    Hi, Chris,

    What is your speaking engagement in Seattle? We have several friends up there and would like to encourage them to hear you if it is an open event.

  • May 14, 2010

    Hi Greg-

    I am speaking for the ADRP Conference in Seattle. I believe you have to register for the conference in order to hear me speak.

    Thank you so much for asking though. Once my book is published at the end of this year, I will be doing a book tour and more than likely stopping in Seattle for it so stay tuned…

    Thanks again,



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