clock June 11, 2012
author Chris Sopa

Go for the Gold!!!!

Go for the Gold!!

“The recent energetic years have ushered you into the dark abysses and crevices of your fears and doubts. You cannot be allowed the pleasure of doubting. You cannot doubt your work, your thoughts and intentions, or your choices. Dispense with what keeps you less than. Dispense what keeps you from loving another. Dispense with what keeps another from loving you. Stop using the excuses of your past to keep you immobilized in the present.
~Quan Yin through Gillian Macbeth-Louthan.

ImageLife offers us a variety of experiences.  We have all had those “knife in the center of my heart” experiences that seem to leave us paralyzed to move forward again.  Experiences such as these are the most profound learning experiences we can ask for…the more pain, the more important the lesson.  The key is to release the experience (stop playing it over and over again in your mind), ask “what is it I am supposed to learn here?” take the lesson and move forward…one step at a time.  (I know…it is much easier said than done).

Sometimes experiences like these offer us an opportunity to look at our lives and “clean house,” so to speak.  I am a huge proponent of looking at your life as often as possible and asking yourself “what is working in my life and what isn’t working?”  This may include people, places you go or work, thought patterns, old habits, etc.  These old, heavy energies of what is NOT working keep you from living your dreams…living the life you were born in this lifetime to live!  We are feeling/energetic beings.  We can tell if someone is in a bad mood because we feel it; we can tell if our child is not right because we feel it; we can tell if something is about to happen because we can feel it.  We make decisions based on emotion, not logic.  Yes, we can use our logic in the decision making process but when you chose to change something in your life it is ALWAYS because how you FEEL about the person or the situation changed.

The energies we are going to experience this week center around your “dream work,” allowing abundance into your life (in all forms) and living your truth without fear.  I have every single one of my clients do what I call a “Bucket List” or “Dream Inventory.”  This is a list of all of the things you want to do, have and accomplish while you are here.  Start a Bucket List this week and begin to dream again.  Put whatever comes to your mind on your list…no blocks or obstacles.  Pretend as if you could have anything you want and don’t worry about “how” it will happen…if it pops up, just write it down.  Let go of all of the old thoughts and experiences that tell you it “can’t” happen. Find the joy in your life!

Ironically, the crystal energies this week are that of Jade.  Jade is the “dream” crystal and is an amazing sleep stone if you have problems sleeping (put one under your pillow).  It is also the only stone in the 2008 Olympics they used in the medals besides the metals of gold, silver and bronze.  The jade in the medals symbolizes living your dream into realization…how cool is that!Image

Spend today dreaming again..don’t stop your dream mid-thought with “I can’t do that!”…just dream!  You may be surprised what happens next…

Living the dream,