Dr. Chris’ coaching services draw upon decades of experience working with corporate executives and entrepreneurs and provides executives and their teams with an authentic and valuable perspective as they navigate challenges. Acting as a trusted advisor, Dr. Chris is a sounding board, a guide, a new perspective, and an accountability partner for the executives with which she works. Her coaching philosophy is based on a foundation of trust with her clients and backed by a Ph.D. in organizational psychology, where she specialized in executive coaching strategies.

Each coaching client is unique. The approach each person needs to get the most out of a coaching relationship is unique. The coaching journey with Dr. Chris will start with a free 30-minute conversation to determine the specific coaching needs. Next, a customized assessment will be administered (see list of assessments here).

This assessment will also provide more information on the specific options available and the direction of the coaching journey. Once the assessment is debriefed, as a team with Dr. Chris, the best coaching strategy will be determined.

Assessments with Dr. Chris.