clock June 18, 2012
author Chris Sopa


Taking action is sometimes not so easy.  Do you notice that with some things you move right through it and with other things someone needs to put a fire under your butt?  Usually it’s with those things that we either don’t like doing or those things that scare us to death where we hesitate.  We like life to be easy and predictable.  That way it is “safe.”

The Universe is always working in our favor which is why sometimes she is the one who puts the fire under our butts.  You remember playing the game “duck, duck, goose” as a child?  You sat on the floor, waiting patiently for someone to tap you on the head and then when they did you had no choice but to MOVE!  You got up and ran around in circles being chased by “the duck,” hoping not to get tagged until you found your seat again.  When it is time for us to “move” in our lives, the Universe finds a very creative way to “tap us on the head;” letting us know it is our turn to be “goose.”  And yes, sometimes it DOES feel like you are being chased!  For instance, has your life ever been going along ever so smoothly and then all of a sudden, BAM, you lose your job, someone you love leaves you, a loved one passes away or you find out you or someone you love has a chronic illness?  You see, when our life is moving along oh so smoothly we tend to get very comfortable.  My motto is to be “comfortable with the uncomfortable.”  If you are not uncomfortable in some area of your life you are not growing.  When we are uncomfortable that usually means something is changing…and usually changing for the better even if the road we have to travel to get there may be painful.

The energies this week (or in other words, the theme of this week) we will be playing with are that of “fearless movement” and the cycles of life.  We will dive into defining your path, being ok if it is undefined at the moment, acceptance of where you are instead of always wishing you were somewhere else, how to navigate your life in uncharted waters and allowing spirit to work through you and with you to allow you to realize your dreams.  For those of you who work with crystals, Chrysoprase is our crystal this week.  She is the stone of “fearless movement” and her energies help you become energized to make your dreams come true.  Keep her in your pocket, on your desk or under your pillow as you sleep.

For today, allow the Universe to “play” with you.  Notice what signs she is trying to send to you, through people, conversations you overhear, small “coincidences,” and even billboards you pass.  She speaks to us in very creative ways!  Look at your life and take an inventory of where you are really comfortable and where you may be uncomfortable.  If you find you are more comfortable than not, define what area in your life you would like to grow the most and make one small change (beat the Universe to it!).  Don’t be afraid.  You don’t have time for fear and worry is beneath you.

Remember where your attention flows, energy goes and you want your energy working for you, not against you.  You cannot eat the whole elephant in one sitting…you have to take one bite at a time.

Running around in circles but loving every minute of it,


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