Spiritual Workshops

**The following programs are created to be presented in a workshop format only.**

2011 Chakra Workshop Chesapeake City, MD
2011 Chakra Workshop
Chesapeake City, MD
Developing Your Spiritual Gifts

“It is not what you do; it is whom you are that ultimately matters.”   ~Chris Sopa

Many individuals have recently been experiencing challenges, changes and experiences we may or may not have expected.  All of this is blessed and happening on schedule as was meant to be.  As we progress through these times the most important tools we need are to be in touch with, know, trust and honor OURSELVES as well as our hidden gifts.  Covering in detail our 4 psychic senses of visual, auditory, intuition and kinesthetic, this workshop will help you get to know your gifts, why you have them, how to use them and how developing them will make your life flow more smoothly.

Learn how to:

  • Identify what your spiritual gifts are and how to use them
  • Hear, trust and follow the guidance you receive
  • Listen to your body and know what it is trying to tell you
  • Honor and trust your Divine path (Sacred Contract) and allow it to unfold naturally
  • Use energy work (Reiki, chakras, crystals, etc.) to support your spiritual work.
Indigo and Crystal Children:  Their Gifts and Why They are Here

“You know you are an Indigo Child if you feel as if you were born before your time, don’t fit in and seem extra sensitive to the world around you.”   ~Chris Sopa

Our children are by far the biggest hope we have for our future.  As adults, it is our responsibility to make sure they learn the lessons that are needed to move them to the next phase of their incarnation.  Indigo and crystal children are unique individuals who are here on this planet for a very Divine and specific purpose.  They have gifts, talents and abilities that are for the purpose of co-creating a reality for which we were all born.   Understanding why they are here gives us the tools to support them in their mission and at the same time, helps us fulfill our own life purpose.

Become aware of:

  • What is an indigo and crystal child?
  • Am I or is my child an indigo or crystal?
  • The role of the “lightworker” in an indigo and crystals life
  • Characteristics of indigos and crystals
  • Their special gifts and their purpose
  • What you can do to support and care for an indigo or crystal child
What is a Chakra?

“Our spiritual task in this lifetime is to learn to balance the energies of our body and soul, of thought and action and of physical and mental power.”   ~Chris Sopa

There are many aspects to our health and healing; some of which we can see with our eyes and some which we can only feel.  Our chakras are the most powerful tools we have to heal, manifest and stay connected to our higher spiritual self.  Each of our 7 primary chakras is connected to our aura (our individual energy field around our body) and depending on the state of their “health” dictates the health of our physical body.

Learn how to:

  • Understand what a chakra really is
  • Know what each chakra represents and what physical organs they are associated with for healing
  • Know where each chakra is located on your physical body
  • Understand how illness can manifest
  •  Balance, un-block and heal the chakras
  • Use tools in your environment to help balance and clean the chakra system