clock May 7, 2012
author Chris Sopa

Do Something NEW, Do Something FORGOTTEN, Do Something FEARED

Many of you are used to reading my blog only when I am on one of my many CSI Journeys…but now you are in for something new and wonderful!

Each day of the week, Monday through Friday, I will be posting an inspirational message on my blog.  All of the messages will be to give you information and inspiration to help you on your journey back to YOURSELF…to empower you to be the person you are meant to become in this lifetime.

Here is the way it will work…every Monday I will post a message for the week that will be a message I have intuitively received that will speak to the energies that will be moving through the coming week.  I will incorporate crystals, chakras and other tools for you to better understand and move through the energies that will be presenting themselves.  During the week, each day will be a variation on the theme of the Monday reading with helpful tips, affirmations and quotes to help you move forward that week.

So, off we go…

This week I want to focus on the energies of the crystal Carnelian.  If you have never used crystals for healing or inspiration before, they are very powerful and healing.  Everything in our world is vibration and crystals all vibrate at different frequencies, vibrating at frequencies similar to the areas of the physical, emotional and mental bodies they do their work.  You can carry the crystal in your pocket so it is with you throughout the day, put it on your desk or even sleep with it under your pillow.  How ever you decide to use it, as long as it is near you its vibration will affect your energy in a positive way.

Carnelians energy is right in alignment with the energies I am getting for this week…TAKING ACTION AND HAVING COURAGE TO BE YOURSELF!  Creativity is high this coming week and it is there for you to tap into like you never have before.  Our biggest lesson in this lifetime is to learn how to co-create with the Divine.  What does that mean?  Learning to listen to that inner voice and trusting it.  We all have those thoughts that just seem to come out of nowhere…learn to trust what comes up for you regardless of what other people think or say.

As humans, we are all wired to want certainty.  Before we make any decisions, we want to know what the outcome will be and if we will be safe.  I challenge you this week to live in “uncertainty.”  Take risks and make decisions based on if it “feels right,” rather than knowing how it will turn out.  Do something creative, something you have never done before…better yet…do something you fear!  Fear is simply False Evidence Appearing Real.  Fear is simply an illusion our ego uses to keep us from our higher self.  Step into the unknown and face your fear!  When you shine light into darkness, there is no more darkness.

Carnelians energy evaporates shadows, sorrow, self-destructive attitudes and doubts.  It washes clean the negative and allows you to be YOU!!!  Keep her energies near you this week and stay tuned for more information on how you can tap into your creative energies, take care and energize your physical body, see mistakes and failures in a new light, make decisions from your higher self and have the self-esteem to do it all!

Have a wonderfully creative day!

Your “creativity guide,”