sun-ray-text6 seminars, Monday’s Weekly
Oct 21 – Nov 25, 2013
4:00-5:00pm MST

We have all incarnated here as unique individuals, but one thing that we all have in common is that we are all part of the Divine. As part of the Divine, we are “gifted” with senses beyond the 5 normal senses we are so familiar with; vision, hearing, taste, smell and touch. Our “spiritual gifts” refer to the 4 senses we were gifted with at birth; psychic vision, auditory, intuition and kinesthetic (feeling).

Many of us have experienced these gifts in one way or another throughout our lives unknowingly – seeing movement out of the corner of your eye and then looking and nothing seems to be there; hearing our name called out when we are alone; or simply sensing not to go someplace and then finding out not going was the right choice.

The idea of having “spiritual gifts” is very new to some yet part of every day life for others. Whether you are new to your gifts or a seasoned practitioner, knowing how to effectively use your gifts begs for a very different kind of life experience.

I am excited to offer this 6 session on-line tele-course for those at any level of experiencing their gifts. This course is for those who want to identify their strongest gift, understand how to use and control them, use these gifts to communicate with guides, angels and deceased loved ones and incorporate them into every day life to experience better decision making skills and a stronger sense of trust in your own personal Sacred Contract.

Class Schedule:

Oct. 21 – Introduction to the world of spirit
Oct. 28 – Intuition and Kinesthetic Gifts
Nov. 4 – Visual and Auditory Gifts
Nov. 11 – Chakras and Interpreting the Aura
Nov. 18 – Gemstones and Crystals
Nov. 25 – Communicating with the Other Side

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Developing Your Spiritual Gifts $99.00 USD