clock May 8, 2012
author Chris Sopa

Confidently Creating Your World

Instead of wondering when your next vacation is, maybe you should set up a life you don’t need to escape from.“  ~Seth Godin   (Thank you Chris Whitcoe of Pure Joy Academy!)

I just recently got back from hiking the Inca Trail in Peru…as many of you know.  The Inca Trail is a 4 day hike up and down the Andes Mountains with the culmination and reward being the miraculous Machu Picchu.  The trail is very similar to life.  It has twists, turns, climbs, downward spirals, jungle terrain, pesky bugs buzzing around your energy field you cannot seem to get rid of (like some people in our lives!) and frustrating moments when you feel as if you can’t go on.  As you encounter these moments on the trail, you slowly begin to realize that it is not your body that is leading you through the rough times; it is your mind and spirit.  In other words, your BELIEFS!

Everyone in our group was asked to come up with a mantra that they would recite to themselves or out loud when it seemed as if they could not go on.  Their mantra could be as simple as, “I can do it!” to “My mind is strong and my body is too!”  This mantra was not meant to distract them from their task…well, sort of…it was meant to reframe their thinking so their beliefs changed from, “I cannot go on,” to “I’ve got this!”  It worked EVERY time!  

What you think about you bring about.  It is truly that simple.  I challenge you today to pay attention to your thoughts and then watch the behaviors that follow.  It will fascinate you that whatever it is you believe is your truth…good or bad…you will for sure experience!  It is your choice.

I know what many of you are thinking…I thought it once myself.  “It’s not that easy Chris!”  Well, that is your belief as well.  When you can fall into trusting yourself and listen to that inner knowing you have (we ALL have it) and have faith that even if things do not work out as YOU want them to but know that they always will work out for the best, your world miraculously changes in front of your eyes.  We do not always know what is best for us…but the Divine does…EVERY time!  Trust in your higher power…God, Buddha, Krishna, whatever it is you call him or her.  They have better seats to the concert of our life then we do!!

Moment to moment, miracles are my Divine birthright experienced!” ~Doreen Virtue

Now make THAT your new mantra and then you are on to something!  😉

Experiencing the bliss,