The Attribute Index Assessment

IMG_1917_pp-2554861258-OOver the years of using a variety of assessments, I became very frustrated in finding one that was able to accurately measure what was going on in someone’s mind when they made decisions about their lives without giving them another label (High D, ESTJ, etc.) in which to attach themselves.  Let’s face it; we have enough labels in our society already.

In my search, I found the Attribute Index, an assessment created based on the work of Dr. Robert Hartman.  The Innermetrix Attribute Assessment is a mathematically accurate assessment that objectively identifies how an individual’s mind analyzes and interprets their experiences and how they are most likely to react in any given situation.  It examines how an individual thinks, interprets and translates these measurements into quantitative scores which can be then more easily understood, compared and applied to their daily world.  It helps them understand the patterns they use to make judgments about anything and why and how they act the way they do.

In other words, it measures how decisions are made on a subconscious level.  Since 90% of our behaviors come from the subconscious mind, it is very important to understand what is going on in this part of the brain.

In addition, the Innermetrix Attribute Assessment identifies the following:

  • Is the individual a “fit” for their current occupational role?  (i.e., do their natural strengths and abilities match what is most needed in their current role?)
  • Is the interviewee a match for the job role in which they are seeking?
  • The specific strengths to be reinforced.
  • The specific weaknesses to be developed.
  • Is the individual utilizing their strengths in their current role and in their daily life?
  • Is the individual set up for success in their current role?  (i.e., do they have the skills needed and the resources available to be successful?)

The beauty of this assessment is that it can be customized for any individual or corporation.  If you are an individual in a sales role, it can be customized to measure the specific attributes you need to be a successful salesperson.  If you are a corporation, it can be customized according to your company’s top core values and each employee can be assessed as to whether they are in alignment with where your company is going and if they have the strengths and persistence to help get you there.

The assessment is taken on-line and takes no longer than 15-20 minutes to complete.

Emotional Intelligence Attribute Index Sample

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