Whether it is an employee struggling to perform or a major organizational change, every organization, at some point, needs help navigating and solving workplace challenges.  

As an organizational psychologist, I use psychological principles, research-based processes, assessments, and interviews to improve the well-being and performance of organizations and their employees. My end goal is to become your trusted advisor and help maximize your organization’s efficiency and bottom-line.

My consulting approach entails getting a feel for the unique personality and character of the organization and then collaborating with management to help develop a plan for a continuously successful and thriving future organization.

As your consultant, I can help you:

  • Offer organizational assessments to access the where, how, and why
  • Administer and/or create organizational assessments needed to navigate through challenges and attaining the next level of success
  • Advise and coach leadership through organizational change and cultural challenges
  • Assess, interview, and assist in selecting potential talent
  • Evaluate employee performance and offer recommendations for improved performance
  • Evaluate team effectiveness and offer specific solutions for improvements
  • Advise and consult management on day-to-day leadership responsibilities
  • Assist in developing and facilitating new learning and development programs
  • Make recommendations and offer customized solutions on how to increase productivity and employee engagement at your organization

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